Matthew 18:2-5 – He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.So I am going to solicit for help. Not for me.

Let me tell you a short story (and again, I will remain anonymous for as long as possible), although this story is super legit…

When I was a kid, around late 80s to early 90s, my church participated to a program where they had some families sponsor children whom they feel to be in actual need of sponsorship.

I was never part of that program, although we were not exactly rich. I doubt if we’re even in the middle class, but both my parents have steady jobs and it does not qualify. In short, we were not poor enough. At that time, all I felt was envy (those stickers, bookmarks! I did not even think of the money to tell you the truth). Being still so young, I did not even realize that not qualifying was actually a good thing.

My Sunday School mates though were all sponsored. They get stickers, stationery, photos, lil trinkets, the works! Anything that excites a little child. It was basically what I wanted at that time because I was so young. But to have someone care for you apart from your family, it’s something special and new.

So I said, why not sponsor a child?! So I did. The only thing is that the payment method is via credit card. As you know (if you follow my blog), I am an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, so my card is KSA based. I did not know that donations done to external (non-KSA based) charity corporations cannot be done via KSA based banks. So yes, I am still waiting for their reply as to whether they have any other means of standing payment.

I do not have any purpose in discussing about this other than to encourage you to do the same, perhaps your process can be an easier one being that you could be in America or Europe, Southeast Asia or perhaps in the Philippines!

Let us help the indigenous kids! I am heartbroken seeing how they’ve been forced to mature so fast because of poverty. They deserve to be kids with hobbies for children, with errands for children!

Let’s help others give JOY to these kids! If your heart urges you to donate, please visit their page (click ME).


Shrimp Shack Riyadh

My husband and I have a new addiction — and that is to consistently get our blood pressure shooting up! Strike that. Our latest fancy is this small yet very in demand restaurant called Shrimp Shack. Of course, most of you has heard of it. We have been indulging ourselves with the jumbo shrimps, crabs and lobsters. We have dined in its King Khalid Branch Road store, the one in Althaghar Plaza? The one with Jarir – Saco-Panda and Chuck e Cheese, yeah, that one!

I have seen a store in Aldhabab Street beside KFC, although I am not certain whether it’s operational or has it been operational all this time. Eversince Jahez and HungerStation became popular, I have shied away from the actual restaurant scenes so forgive my being semi-ignorant in this regard.

So the price, considering the servings Shrimp Shack has, I’d say it’s quite affordable and economical. Comparing the cost vs. my regular dine out meal which is the likes of ribeye, one would totally feel so frugal having ordered their jumbo shrimps, hahaha! The gastronomical load is the same, even made me feel “fuller” and more satisfied — AND YES COSTING ME WAY LESS which matters a lot to me.

The place though, it’s quite chaotic, the one in Althaghar Plaza did not have toilets and it’s awkward given the nasty smell of shrimps, regardless of the plastic gloves. I mean, handwashing is more than a necessity. Why didn’t they have a toilet? It’s like a takeout place forcibly made a dine-in. This point though still did not keep the people out. It was still jampacked and a total box office because people come here for the food and it’s quality, since yeah — it’s topnotch!

Apart from the toilet, you’d find a slight issue that you’re given a refillable drink cup ala-Burger King/Taco Bell but they wouldn’t let you refill on your own. They had to do it for you. That’s the norm in KSA actually (and I am aware) but the use of disposable cups makes the feel quite different, not in a negative way, but expectations-wise. I thought there was a dispenser accessible for me. That’s it. It wasn’t a disappointment, don’t get me wrong. It was only a matter because my husband and I were eating voraciously and we kinda nearly choked haha and we needed a drink stat. Given the chaos and all the crew running around because of the previously mentioned box office scenario, it took a while before we got served. It was not something we held them liable for. It was us who were eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Things to order:

  • Jumbo Shrimps (lemon pepper & garlic butter – to die for)
  • Crab
  • Lobster

All things considered, I give Shrimp Shack an 8 out of 10. If they had a toilet, things would be totally different 🙂 


I am pointing this out to be an issue though on HUNGERSTATION (NOT ON SHRIMPSHACK)  – We have ordered 4x and the orders were all accepted but had to get declined some (significant) time later (after our high hopes to having sumptuous shrimp dinners) and later getting refunded because your drivers won’t accept the order. I know the smell could be an issue but when Shrimp Shack signed up with you, it’s an agreement that you consider that it would smell bigtime. If you won’t provide drivers that are dedicated for this particular case, then the store loses its business because no one gets to order. It’s something that I have noticed that all things boil down to “finding a driver”and voila, no one accepts.

Photos are from FourSquare and ShrimpShack – results from Google search (these aren’t my photos)