No Other Woman

I know it’s quite late to write a review for the film No Other Woman. I knew I’d love that movie since the promo started but I resisted any synopsis online and spoilers in order to feel the first time viewing effect.

This was a good movie. Inasmuch as I kinda dislike Derek Ramsay for being a womanizer in real life, I commend his acting. He really is a good actor. Him being convincing and sincere to his lines made it all better. Anne and Cristine were great too although the latter could really improve a lot pronunciation-wise.

I love the good vs evil kind of movies. Hence, being biased about Cristine vs Anne, the wife vs the mistress. Anne was feisty and irritating. Cristine was sweet and trying. But what I liked is that the wife didn’t stay stereotyped to being naïve. Thanks to her mother portrayed by Carmi Martin who I find rather OA than effective. The meet-up setting sent a slight déjà vu. I recall how Maricel Soriano and Aga Muhlach met in A Love Story (where Derek’s real life girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban played the wife), they met on the water too right? Aga had an accident and Maricel came to the rescue (being a doctor, she was an Obgyn).

The Wife’s Point of View:

Well, Kaiser was definitely irritated by my side and snide comments on almost every scene. I was telling him that I think, the wife was trying too much for her undeserving husband. I mean, she knew he was philandering; instead, she was too kind. She demonstrated more effort just to win her husband back to her, solely hers.

Despite my fancying the story and the wife’s character, I won’t follow what the mom advised her daughter about being vigilant and feisty, because marriage (or life? or love?) is like Quiapo where there are lots of snatchers so anxious to get “the husbands” for themselves, and for that matter, her husband. I think it’s an overreaction.

We, committing into marriage is equivalent to signing up for a lifetime supply of love and loyalty. It is our right and privilege. Hindi natin utang na loob sa asawa natin na paligayahin tayo at mahalin — tungkulin natin yun bilang mga mag-asawa. Appreciation is key but to always be on the look out is like forever being unsure and living a lifetime of doubts.

If I’d see temptations around my marriage, I intend to pray for it to be gone. Efforts will be done on my side, assessment and evaluation as to where and what went wrong but to be like a hunter isn’t my thing. I owe myself some dignity that if indeed the husband is cheating, I still have some grace left in me, to keep my cool and make wise decisions.

Love is there. It doesn’t disappear overnight on both the husband and the wife. As long as you know you are a good wife, you’ve got nothing to prove to your philandering husbands.

Pray hard. It’s only God who can resolve this, “for your cooking errors could not justify him looking for someone else” — it’s beyond that… it’s character, it’s weakness. Pray for strength.

The Other Woman’s Point of View:

This situation is hard. No one ever imagines becoming one right? Will you include becoming a concubine/mistress in your to-do list? Is it something that you wish for?

Falling in love to someone who is already committed is one of the hardest things in the world. The feeling that you know you’re doing the wrong thing and yet you couldn’t stop because it just felt so right. I think being in an affair makes everything sweet. Nothing sour, nothing salty. The guy sees to it that the girl is treated like a princess, the girl considers him her prince! Since every moment is a “stolen moment” — even a single millisecond is seized. How else can one go wrong?

But the thing is, everything gets BITTER when the wife busts them off. The girl goes gaga the guy gets scared. Why hello! He’s the one who’s got something to lose – A wife, kids perhaps.

The Philanderer’s Point of View:

He loves the wife; he gets excited by the mistress. He falls in love with the mistress. The guy loves them both!

Makes promises to the wife – breaking them.
Makes promises to the mistress – breaking it them too.
Scheduling problems. Telephone communication glitches.
Silly stories.

But when the wife catches him cheating, he most of the time chooses the wife. Sad story for mistresses eh?

*** What’s sad is that the wife accepts him with arms wide open. So happy like she’s won a prize. Like he’s a trophy worth getting proud of.

Oh well.


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