My Neighbor’s Wife

After watching No Other Woman, I thought I’d watch My Neighbor’s Wife the next day. It was indeed a good choice having just seen the former. I don’t get why reviews rave for No Other Woman, when it’s obvious — My Neighbor’s Wife is far better.


There’s nothing I haven’t seen in No Other Woman, but in My Neighbor’s Wife, we thought, after Lovi Poe and Jake Cuenca slept together, I wonder — that’s it? My husband had to check if it was near the ending na (although super obvious naman na halos kakasimula lang), having skipped the spoilers on line, I know there’s a catch, although never did I imagine the catch would be that heavy.

When Dennis dropped Carla outside the school gate and the kid said that he saw Dennis Trillo, I knew he wasn’t really looking into having an affair with Carla — it’s more on getting even. He loves Lovi obviously.

Although I felt sad that this movie showed the reality on how sex became so casual and easy to get. Open a bottle of scotch, get drunk, and voila! You’re one hot freebie. It’s a shame.

This movie exposed the possibilites friends and co-workers are afraid to discuss, that because of too much closeness and familiarity with one another, the gates of infidelity open.

The ultimate cliche though is the fact that the girl went wayward, committed adultery that is, she gets to be punished harder. I wasn’t talking about Lovi because it was Carla who had a harder punishment which was revealed in the latter part of the film. She had been alone while Jake seemed happy — Dennis and Lovi were back together and preggy.

I loved this movie!!! (Despite my constant comments because I felt that Lovi and Jake were punished too harshly) I mean if husbands and wives intend to make the cheaters suffer for the rest of their lives, then please do the graceful thing of dismissing them immediately. They need not suffer for nothing — if nothing can be done to win you back — nothing must be done at all. It is not up to us to punish people.

Dennis’ character was so unfair. Guys nowadays make their women work and still got the nerve to restrict them with regard to their purchase! Like they don’t make enough to support their wants!! Ah, it is so frustrating!

Jake’s character was a typical Don Juan, I’ve personally known people like Jake and probably been victimized at one point or another. They’ve got the perfect package of looks, charisma, and wit — only forgetting to mention one vital thing. I give No Other Woman 2.5 stars and My Neighbor’s Wife 4 1/2 stars. This is a crappy post I know, sorry I’ve got cramps!

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