Outback – Riyadh

Would you believe it was out first time to eat in Outback Riyadh? On how we frequent restaurants serving awesome steaks, I cannot believe we’ve allowed it to happen.

Okay so how did it happen? My husband’s friend gave him a totally bad feedback regarding Outback and I was like, is he for real? That’s the thing about my husband; he puts few people on a pedestal and believe me, their opinion matters (I wonder when I will ever get there!) and it sticks on his mind for quite some time (like forever?)

Out of hunger and indecision, we cannot find something that we don’t feel “umay” already. It’s like we’ve recently been to everywhere except Vapiano’s (since January) which I would have chosen if I were only craving for Italian but I wasn’t. So then he joked what about Outback and I was like, yeah! I totally forgot there’s Outback in Tahaliya and so we went. I was surprised because the place was so elegant and spacious (I thought it’s totally small!) I got amazed on how serene the mood was, not to mention the friendly attendants who were serving us that night, especially the one assigned in our table.

So as usual, my ribeye testing, I tried it medium-well this time because I don’t want a déjà vu of my Chili’s ribeye experience last Friday! My ribeye was totally a small piece of charcoal but I didn’t make a fuss since I wasn’t really feeling well, got no strength to argue. Anyhoo, Outback’s ribeye was the best I’ve had so far! It was tasty and juicy. It was not as fatty as that of being served in Fuddruckers (depends on you if you think it’s better!) I like fatty steak, lol, but this one having less didn’t disappoint me at all, the taste complemented everything! Kaiser’s flame-grilled ribs didn’t disappoint him as well! He loved it to the bits! I tasted it, it’s kind of peppery (in a good sense since I love pepper, I even got my pepper sauce!) I forgot what Kaiser had for drinks and it’s as usual, a ladies’ drink so the attendants once again thought it was mine when I always go for Pepsi, hahaha!

We conclude, that steakwise, Outback is by far, better than Chili’s (noting that Chili’s W.C. is TRAGIC!) and way way better tasting than Friday’s, Tony Roma’s, Applebee’s, Crepe Away and Steak House. Others like Steaky, Fuddruckers, Planet Hollywood, Buffalo’s have ways to compete since they all taste good!

But Steaky had to better their service, Fuddruckers had to make their food attendants a little quiet and Buffalo’s seats, man! I am not butty but I can’t even fit my whole ass on the seat! Totally bad carpentry!
Outback is located in Localizer Mall
Tahaliya Street, Riyadh


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