Steakhouse Malaz

My husband and I were strolling around Riyadh, particularly, Malaz Street and we saw something unfamiliar… i.e. Tamimi Markets (did it just spring to existence without us knowing or hearing about it!?) and yes, Steak House.

We were not so fond of the place at least the ones in Takhassusi and the branch beside Piatto but we still decided to try this branch in Malaz Street (Pepsi Road). In fairness, they’ve got the most delicious mashed potatoes ever and I am not exaggerating! I’ve finished my side dish without any leftover to think I am not so much into mashed potatoes.

So there, both of us ordered rib eye steak. He had it done medium and I had mine done medium-well. The steaks were fine except that they are a doneness ahead our orders. Kaiser’s came in medium-well and mind came well-done. He wanted to have it returned but I kept him from doing so because it tasted okay anyhow.

We always tip 25% of our total meal cost — something I adapted from Tita Edith, based on Hazel’s story. We liked how they give a fourth of their total meal cost as tip. But in the middle of our meal, Kaiser told me, we are not tipping them. It was right after the host told me sandali lang as I ask for a refill. We were just not used to the crew saying sandali lang. They would always reply affirmatively despite not attending to us immediately. I mean we know that they had to prioritize their current table, and we’re willing to wait. It’s just that we never encountered someone telling us sandali lang. I convinced Kaiser it’s still worth tipping them because there was one attendant who was cheerfully catering our tables. We owe it to him at least!

At last we’re done eating!

Since Malaz is somehow far from our place and I am nearly 7 months on the way, I decided to pee. To my dismay, (gosh!) someone defecated on the first cubicle. I decided to bear the smell and peed on the other cubicle. There wasn’t any water to flush it, even the bidet wasn’t working. The smell began reaching my insides and there, I vomited my guts out!

It was the worst experience ever! The meal I’ve just eaten went down the drain and I left the place teary eyed all feeling beaten because I was feeling dizzy from puking!

I posted via foursquare and left a comment, their management responded to me and I just hope they’d really pay attention to that place. I was not talking about a “just became dirty toilet bowl” it was more of, smells like it’s been there for days! So gross!

I still haven’t gotten over it until now. From now on, I’d become extra paranoid than my normal paranoid self!  I don’t want to experience that kind of torture, not again!

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