Pepper Lunch-Eastwood

With the number of restaurants I’ve tried and been trying whenever we come home, I see to it that I get to post reviews. But things are different now that I am a mom, I could only afford few reviews (if I ever get lucky). Anyhow, I choose to talk about my Pepper Lunch experience.

We went to Eastwood Branch. In fairness, the people were friendly.

The place is a bit crowded not because there are too many guests, only about 4 tables are occupied. It’s crowded mostly because the tables were arranged in a crowded way. There are too many chairs for such small space.

I wasn’t able to have my money changed so I paid via credit card which is amazing because despite the fastfoodish feel, they do accept cards… Nicely done!

The food is normal — not something to get soooo excited about. But it isn’t terrible like some of those I’ve tried recently. I’d give it 6 out of 10 stars. Pwede na!

For something associated to Chuvaness, I’d think it’ll be perfect and there’s nothing to rant about given that she is very critical on things. But there was a dead bangaw (huge fly) on our condiments rack which is strategically placed in the middle of the crowded table for all 5 of us to see. Okay lang, we are not maarte  naman about these things. We can get by seeing a dead fly. It’s just that, we did not want it there sana.

The sikip of the place plus the langaw incident got redeemed by the very kind food attendant who reminded my husband about his ecigarette (it is a bit pricey to lose). Thanks honest dude, our world becomes more livable with you around.

Pepper Lunch is worth giving a try. Just don’t expect something that would wow you… my take: panawid gutom.

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