John Wick

The image was from ryandrewhite (via tumblr via google images search)

Don’t you wanna be John Wick? I mean, not the wife dying and the dog getting brutally killed in front of you, but yeah, his power and intensity? I kind of wish I were him.

Imagine getting “cleaners” using the “secret phone” paying in gold coins, sooooo underground! The mob has its elegance in getting things done. I would not know how they are in real life but seeing movies about them, makes me think that they are more elite than the bankers. Well, they probably are. Don’t you think?

I remember an episode of Suits where the banker boss of Mike belittles lawyers like Harvey, implying how they make less money. Well, it could be true but I think it depends on how the writer wants to play it because if you look at how the lawyers are in Boston Legal, they seem like they are “gods of riches” and that no one is richer than them (although of course, a lot is). So yeah, it depends on how the story is being played.

Back to John Wick — I love how fast the story is and he was not even moving The Matrix way! I wish there were less deaths though. It made life look so dispensable. I can’t get over the fact that poor people (myself included) would spend millions of hard earned (likely begged for) money just to save a loved one’s life and people get killed randomly just by being in a wrong place, in a wrong time. How twisted is that?!

I recall seeing some parents go on national TV humbly requesting for financial support for their babies with biliary atresia because the surgery would cost around 3-7 million PHP at that time. One father in fact was walking around soliciting for help because of time pressure to raise such fund to save his baby while people just randomly kill themselves for what? Lack of funds? I can’t understand!

John Wick was desperate. His wife just died and some mob son bullies him into buying his car and later carnaps it, ransacking his place, beating him, and then killing his dog — his one and only connection to his dead wife, something his wife has given him, to be with him, to grieve with him… but yeah, he took him away from John. Of course he would go ballistic! Even the mob dad got frightened of how John would reach so he was trying to cut some deal with John but to no avail! Of course. I love how dignified the mob dad was. I love how he was willing to be humble to save his stupid son, but yeah, given that the son is stupid, it just made it harder for the dad, costing them their lives.

Keanu Reeves is a great actor and a great individual. Seeing his videos go viral about him living a simple life even taking the subway and offering seats to women and elderly… wow!

I wish there are more rich people like Keanu Reeves. I wish there are more people like Keanu Reeves (period).

I am giving this movie 4.5 stars for being so awesome!



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