The Blacklist

So far, The Blacklist has gotten me all caught up to the point that I want to watch it over and over again. I am glad that it’s been renewed and will return for its 3rd season. I mean, what else could I watch, right?

I am also hooked on tv series like Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Pretty Little Liars but my interest on The Blacklist is different. It’s like a loooooong movie with all the interesting stories. Well, the fact that it stars James Spader, come on, Boston Legal!?! Of course he is adorbs and Megan Boone gives her character justice as well. She really is pretty and her Katie Holmes-ish aura makes me like her even more. Of course, who wouldn’t love Ryan Eggold. He is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, I wonder if he knows it. I wonder if he knows he is that gorgeous and yeah, the guy can sing! I have to watch 90210 to see how he played the character of a teacher (whattup with him and the teaching profession?!!) who’s had an affair with a student and yep, I did watch Season 3 episode 4 of Veronica Mars knowing that his character was the title of that episode — I thought he might have a long role (that I happened to magically forgot for some reason) but yeah, his was a cameo (ugggh!), anyhoo, he is sooo adorable and his character, Jacob, Tom Keen is just so interesting I mean initially working for Reddington, then getting fired and switching sides to the enemies yet protecting Reddington’s interest by not immediately disclosing he was hired by him to befriend Elizabeth Keen (who ended up becoming his wife). Well, too complicated right?!

My take on this:
I don’t think Reddington is Elizabeth’s dad. Why? Because him being her father is the choice that they are trying to pinpoint obviously. He could be the lover of the Russian spy (her mom) and was the one who was sent to take them out (the family) — so he did except for the child (since he couldn’t kill Elizabeth, he just became an anonymous benefactor instead). He could have been in love with the mom and him killing her could have made him leave government allegiance and made him decide to just be a criminal.

Well. I am not good at this.

Point is, this is one of the best tv series ever and I am really glad to have found this.

I’d give this 5 stars.


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