Me Before You

How tearjerking is the story from 1-10, ten being a cry fest:

It’s an eight. Not that I didn’t find it sad enough, it’s just that a lot of Grey’s Anatomy season enders have made me cry at levels 9 and 10.

There are lots of omissions in the film but of course, one can’t really fit everything in a movie. I thought it was a simple film only filled with all kinds of emotions necessary to call it complete.

I thought Patrick could have been made more irritating looking than Neville. He was kind of irksome in the book… I pictured him balding a bit, dry, and with a really weird jawline (I don’t know where I got that picture!) Other than Patrick, all characters fit my expectations.

What made me like the story is how everything’s verbal and particular. When you utter your thoughts, they are rather specific than doing so. Will being unable to move has to be especially elaborate with his words and it really made the film so amazing.

When watching these types of films, one has to put him/herself in place of the character instead of just watching. In doing so, you would know how Lou and Will exactly felt. Otherwise, you’re just a mere watcher and you won’t be able to empathize completely.

I love the book and the film!

I give it 3.5 stars.


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