I celebrated my birthday with friends and family in Ippudo Eastwood.  It is located at 116 Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila.

I forgot their phone number (because it wasn’t listed and the one zomato posted was a wrong number – or perhaps someone did update the records, whatevs) but nevermind since it’s not much of a use because they won’t accept reservations during the time you’d most likely require a reservation — during peak hours that is. To be fair, their restaurant is super in demand hence the long queue from 6pm onwards so I did understand why it’s hard to reserve seats especially for a big group.  But for those who want to reserve during non-peak hours, I guess they’d accommodate you provided that you’d be able to find their number online. What I did is I called the Megamall branch first and asked for their Eastwood counterpart.

So yeah about the edible stuff, according to my guests, their food was good but not equivalent to the hype their queue would make you feel. They also advise guests ahead of time that you aren’t allowed to have your unfinished food packed to go (which is both cruel and considerate – I am torn between 2 opinions!)

Staff are polite and are very friendly. Tables are well-manned and the entire restaurant is spic and span. No sticky tables and floors although the time I was there, the WC was out of order so yeah, kinda bummed out a bit because of that since I had to go to the next establishment just to use the toilet.



Photo Source: PhyliciaMarie


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