This bar in Eastwood is not the bar for get togethers especially among friends who didn’t see each other since 2007! Man, why blast your music!?! It’s supposed to be a chill and relaxing place to have few drinks but then you just had to blast that one big speaker playing Closer five times that night (and we didn’t stay up so late by the way as most of us were parents).

Okay okay, so that could be our fault because we could have chosen a more quiet place and yet we stayed but what’s wrong with your toilet! Why don’t you have an ample amount of tissue for everyone’s use. There’s no soap in the dispenser and it was so dirty (disgustingly so). We called the attention of the male attendants (upstairs) but one ignored us and the other one paid attention but all he did was take a folded brown box and placed it on the floor to cover the dirty floor but didn’t spend time to clean the bowl.

My gut was seriously churning especially that I am extra-weak in that situation. I just couldn’t stomach such dirt. The only thing that kept my cool is the fact that I was with my college friends whom I have spent 5 years of my life partying on far more disgusting places than this one.

In all fairness, the lady servers were quite nice and friendly. They deserve a star.


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