Mesa-Greenbelt 5

I love Mesa. Definitely my favorite in Makati. It is recommended to book your table if you want to be seated inside the restaurant (02 2469069 ext:853) although there are lots of seats outside (you know, for fresher air! LOL).

Store opens from 11Am to 11PM on most days but they extend up to 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The store offer wifi for those who do not want to waste their data plan (LOL again).

I ate sinigang, adobong pusit, and sisig –loved them all! I forgot what my cousin had but I was able to taste it and it was also great. If I live in Makati and Mesa is right around the corner, I would probably be so fat!

I also admire how the WC is so clean. We were there quite a while and having been served 2 glasses of juice and tons of water, I’ve used the toilet 3 times (I think?) and of those times, never was it ever dirty!

My take on this, 4.5 stars!


Photo Source: Trip Advisor


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