Now that I am Raising a Boy

I will teach him that GOD is the authority. I will raise him in a household that faith is exercised. Love God above all.

I will teach him to love and value his family. They are the ones who would most likely love him with no ifs and buts.

I will teach him how to be generous. He should always find an opportunity to give. He should always be grateful that he has the capacity to share.

I will teach him how to be a gentleman. I’d make sure that he is taught how women need to be treated. He should know how a girl is someone else’s daughter; whose father spent all his time protecting only to be in the hands of an inconsiderate and cheating man. Do not be that kind of man.

I will teach him that a girl has a mother who would sacrifice everything for her so don’t be cruel.  A girl has her entire family rooting for her as she live her life — it is not for you to break her down.

I will teach him how to be a strong man, that he is the leader of the family. A weak husband would mean that he may need a strong wife. Don’t be the kind who’d need that. Stand strong.

I will teach him that marriage is not for all. He may choose not to marry if he doesn’t think he can handle marriage. But I will encourage him to find a wife, someone who will complement him in all aspects. Someone he would build a family with, someone he would shelter, someone he would be independent with, someone he would decide with — because I trust that he will be the kind of man who can be good and strong and independent — because that’s the kind of man I’d raise him to be.


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