Coherence (2013)

Coherence is an American science fiction thriller film directed by James Ward Byrkit in his directorial debut. The film had its world debut on September 19, 2013 at the Austin Fantastic Fest and stars Emily Baldoni as a woman who must deal with strange occurrences following a comet sighting.

– Wikipedia


I didn’t like not knowing the cast. I mean, I remember this dude from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Nicholas Brendon) first because, I just recently had a Criminal Minds rerun where he played the lover of Penelope Garcia and second, I liked him in Buffy; he used to be cute. So yes, he is quite a familiar face, as for the rest? I really wish there was at least one or two more familiar faces.

But regardless. I had to say that I LOVE this film.

There is a comet that is passing over them on that particularly anomalous night where eight friends spent dinner as they experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. It was quite freaky because the film was shot like a professionally made home video making it seem more real.

The entire neighborhood went dark as the comet passes however, they saw one house lit and out of desperation, they agreed to check the house out so they can use their phone.  At first, they didn’t know that the lit house is the same as their house but only from another reality. So going there made them cross over into another reality. Their doubles come in from another reality and no one realizes the switch. It’s just that when the two men came back, the other dude was injured so they had his cut bandaged with a specific kind of plaster that eventually becomes a marker that these men came from another reality.

As the story unfolds, they begin to realize that the other house is actually another version of theirs. Like the group, the viewers will also be led to assume that that there are only two houses (from two realities). Later they’d come to know that there are multiple realities and that once the comet passes, each reality will be stuck permanently with whoever stays in it.

So as the movie goes on, the group gets jumbled across different/random realities and their members get mixed up. One of the markers was the glow sticks (blue, red, etc…) and the box that each house makes.

The scenes have become intense and a lot of fights had been happening and it has gotten frustrating for some of the members that’s why Emily, the main protagonist decided to search on (removed herself from her current reality) and when she found a peaceful house where everyone is happy and cozying up all together, she decided to join them but the problem is the Emily on that realm is there, so she decides to knock her down and replaces her. But the thing is, that Emily whom she tried to get rid off managed to call her boyfriend and the scene ends there for our own assumptions.

For me, it’s just a matter of time before one reality gets chaotic. At one point, an event causes the distress of a house and for that particularly peaceful house, it’s the new Emily’s presence that triggered its distress.

I would love to watch these kinds of films. Despite its obvious low-budget, it’s really a good movie. Worth watching and definitely, worth making more of this kind.




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