On Medications and Sleepiness

When taking medicines, one of the lessons that you have to remember is to know whether these medications would induce involuntary sleep. For my medication, saying that it’s causing drowsiness or sleepiness would be an understatement because my eyes are shut while typing this draft. My mind is awake but my eyes are shutting down. It is mandatory for me to take these meds but it can be taken @ night so I will be changing the course later. I should have checked the packet. I started taking it in the weekend so I didn’t notice the sleepiness since most of the time on weekends, I am in bed pretending to be asleep or pretending to be awake, hehe. I am reading this post and I don’t know if it’s even coherent. I had a feeling that it’s not but I won’t edit this, I promise. I want to see the effects of my meds.

So yeah, lesson learned. Read the pamphlet before anything else.

It could sabotage your day, you know.


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