The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine What Colour Your Energy Is

I was having a quiet moment in the morning at home and I told myself, I am going to write about a certain trait that I possess that I believe to be a gift but sometimes, limits my life. Then I saw one of my twitter contact’s post about how a color shade tells your personality and that I was in fact, an indigo which is actually about possessing the very same gift that I meant to write about this morning.


Here’s the link of the test: click me later (read the long-ass post first before clicking, hehe)

When people see my CV and upon noticing that I took AB-Psychology in college, the next thing they’d say is that, “So can you read my mind?” I often just smile because how else should I react. I feel that there are people who truly believe that and there are some who were probably just making an attempt to be funny on a very stereotyping way. In reality, I do can read your mind. Not the supernatural kind! Hehe, I am not God! But I am gifted with a discerning feeling whether the person is up to no good or yes, means well. I want to tell those who asked me if I can read minds that I basically can’t, at least not until the first interaction.

This gift is pretty much a known/proven fact among my circle and yet, they still do not believe me when I say so. Well how can they? Even I do not believe myself oftentimes especially with exes. I still got burnt! How could I expect them to believe me when I say, “I don’t trust that person!” I don’t say these things on a whim. It is always a strong and certain feeling that I am forced to share because otherwise, I will feel responsible. Whenever this feeling comes up, I totally avoid that person despite my friends being all over him/her. They tend to get amazed quite easily because their POV is that as long as he/she hasn’t done them harm, he/she is okay. But these people I get these feelings for are usually conning them. It’s living a pretense and doing premeditated things. I’d be all apathetic about that person, usually appearing to be mean and some friends have ditched me because of my gutfeel, well they won’t say that of course, they’d say because I wasn’t nice but it’s all about my discernment that they couldn’t accept. Then few months later some would approach me and say, “I should have listened to you. You were totally right about him/her!” But believe me, it could be years. The revelation of such deceit happens depending on how long we’d allow them to con us, you know.

When recruiting people, I was always given a say about who to hire but sometimes, bigger people would not really care about what I think. Once, I was believed to have been jealous with one of the good people because I totally redflagged that candidate. I don’t usually say don’t hire him/her, I just say he/she is good but you’d have a problem about insubordination or this person won’t work well with others etc. Then these people would ask me, and you got it with one question? Yes I did. I also spoke to her briefly by the photocopier and that revealed it all.

The thing that saddens me though is that I always have this feeling on people who are generally loved if not most loved. I am that discerning. It takes years sometimes to prove my point or get vindication and sometimes, people won’t care anymore but lucky me, I wasn’t able to spend years with all BS. What’s really frustrating is you couldn’t make others believe you because these con-persons are just too good.

So just few tips, general ones, when new in a place you got to beware of the person who befriends you first and tells you all the things to avoid, as if dictating how you should act and behave yourself. These are generally just rumormongers and are trying to win you over to know more info about you; they don’t really care about you and your welfare. Then there are these people who always say that you can depend on them and go to them for anything. They are the people who are marking their territory, subliminally letting you know that they are in-charge. Normally, these are not bad people, they just like to grab power and with you under his/her wings, then he/she is more powerful than you. The thing is, we always get intertwined with these people because they are drawn by the freshness of your blood. The newbies being naturally hungry for help like lil’ chicks lost in a jungle are always in need of rescue. So how can we resist the offer, right? Always remember that the only thing that matters is that you do your best, do things with pure heart. And always remember that newbies do not need rescuing because people do make mistakes; the important thing though is learning from it.

So yeah, it’s truly a gift and a curse. I don’t like to be the one who’s always alone but I would rather be one than get closer to someone I don’t trust.


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