How Facebook Killed Thoughtfulness

You see, eversince FB made it easy to send messages to our contacts by pressing the send button per contact, greetings have become impersonal for important occasions like Christmas, Easter, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid, etc… some contacts may have forgotten that they’ve sent me Christmas greetings 10x already. They were different kinds of greetings, some were GIFs, some were videos that have been sent from advanced-on time-up to the belated ones… super disappointment especially when I knew about a contact who isn’t able to conceive then she’s received like multiple Happy Mother’s Day greetings because people don’t care to think who they send messages to. They just press and press send… so disappointing! Facebook should not have done that because messages are now impersonal… it is now super rare for people to personalize their greetings because it’s just so easy to spam our contacts with the same GIFs and videos since they are just a button away.


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