Relax, God is In-Charge

I suddenly felt compelled to save and invest today. Only today. ONLY TODAY!!!

I have been delaying a lot of things for the longest time but I guess the time has come that I finally told myself, “if you really love your son, you must think about him and his future.”

I was catatonic yesterday, I totally froze into the thought that he would be doing hard labor when he gets older and he’d be married to a nagging wife who only wants him for his minimum wage earnings. I was shattered! I thought I should teach him how to be like me, a person who finds solution. I may not be the greatest most intelligent person on earth but I get things done, that makes me a winner, somehow… I want my son to have that kind of drive.

I really wish that he would start listening to me at this age because I want to mold him properly during the formative years. I don’t want him to spend money like water. Gosh, you can’t even use that idiom politically nowadays given thee shortage of it in some parts of the world!

I don’t like him to be spending more than what he’d earn. I want him to be in control of his life.

All these worries came into me like a hot flash and my husband was like, “anung nangyayari sayo?” (what’s happening to you?)

Lord help me with my plans. I know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and those who are called according to His purpose. I believe I am called for a purpose.

It’s high time that I tell myself, “relax, God is in-charge!”


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