Memories of Schooldays (Part One)

I am trying to recall how life was when we were younger. I remember… we were on our first grade when I met my classmates Iloisa and Paul. I still know them very well because we grew up in the same neighborhood, Paul is a distant relative and Iloisa is still a good friend.

I don’t know how parents choose teachers back when we were in grade one. Apparently, you can choose whom to enroll your kids under during their first grade. I am glad my mom chose Mrs Laurente, she’s active and a really good teacher, not to mention, she’s so beautiful and sexy (incidentally, we are celebrating Teacher’s Month).

I remember these two kids specifically because I had to get sampaloc leaves daily for about a week (from the tree that used to stand on my grandfather’s front lawn) to sprinkle them ala-confetti, as I shout on top of my lungs, “mabuhay ang bagong kasal!” Gosh, Iloisa hated me, hahaha. For a time, I think we did fight. We were six! How else should I act but childishly?!

But how can I forget my daily dose of sabunutan with Ellaine, whom I was very competitive with. I have my constant kakampi, Christine, who was very timid at that time. The three of us somehow have gotten along eventually and even recited a poem, “Use God’s Gifts Well.” Like reciting a poem a sign of getting along? Haha. We were first graders, come on!

That same year, I have met Janeth and Cielo too. Wonderful kids! Cielo shines bright like a diamond! Literal na tisay! I have a very weird memory of my classmate Alvin, who I think was being naughty kaya napalo ng ruler, and then, nabali yung ruler! How can I forget Jehrome, he was crush in first grade! My family often teases me with uy, si Jehrome! And I will throw the biggest tantrum!

There was also a time when we were supposed to do a presentation, I forgot the actual purpose but we were practicing in some other section’s room. It was Ma’am Viring’s. The notable people were Sheryl, Marlon, Janet, Joy, and Racquel – who was so pretty! She’s like a doll! Until now, Racquel is as pretty. Mukha pa rin syang manika sa ganda. Marlon passed away last year – so I am going to dwell a bit about his story. I am not sure if I have told him how I first knew of him. We were practicing the song and choreography and there goes young Marlon, holding the teacher’s stick (which was so trending among teachers back then) as if trying to lift the girls’ skirt up and for that particular instance, I believe it was Janet, who isn’t just a classmate to him, they were also neighbors and they share the same birthday as well! What a good coincidence right? I heard her scream to get Ma’am Viring’s attention, “Ma’am, si Marlon po namboboso!” Marlon replied, hindi ako namboboso ano! He was grinning at Janet! Apparently, mapang-asar talaga si Marlon since childhood. And then, I was there, quietly observing these very active kids while thinking, “ano kaya ang ibig sabihin ng boso?

Marlon was a true friend, one of my best friends.

I miss a lot of things from my childhood. Although the latter years had not been happy at school, I was still a happy kid. Memories carried on by the scent of plastic covers, new notebooks, and the taste of “troso” from the canteen. How could I not miss it, right?


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