My experience with Lazada in the past had been ok. I was a brand ambassador like it’s an actual title. For me, they just send spam messages to bloggers and whoever feels celebrity enough to claim the title will succumb and be a co-spammer, and I was once one of those. You know, the term “brand ambassador” has that elite effect until you realize that they just played with words and yes, you got played because somehow, you’ve got that elite feeling too (delusion of grandeur!) Like you were chosen among millions of bloggers and you not knowing realizing that time that they’ve been chosen too, they just ignored them probably.

Today, I was disappointed by LAZADA Ph twice. First, it was their CSR whom I had a chat with. I started the convo straightforwardly, I was asking for the receipt to be taken out of the package as it’s intended for a gift. His reply was reassuring me with pride that there will be an invoice as if I was requesting for him to ensure that invoice will be sent along the package. So I clarified that I want it omitted actually as opposed to how he understood the message. He said it isn’t possible (as in it cannot be approved as the invoice has to really be issued, so I said, I still want the invoice to be issued to me being the buyer but not the receiving end as it’s a gift. After having said that, he automatically changed his pace, saying he will inform the seller to omit the invoice. — that’s it.

From it cannot be approved to voila! He will message the seller to exclude the invoice!

So I thanked him.

The problem is that LAZADA emailed me and asked me to review the CSR, so I did. I said I wasn’t satisfied because he didn’t give me the feeling of confidence because first, despite the written request, he still understood the opposite of what I was actually trying to request. Upon understanding what I meant, he said no, it can’t be done. After I reacted again (non-violently by the way), suddenly, he will message the seller and not negating me any longer. For me, it’s okay. But I find him weak and lacking confidence because if it is really not doable, he can insist so. I know how to understand a hard no. It was not the first time that a CSR turned down my request when it is not really possible.  So the CSR succumbing into my request didn’t give me confidence as a customer. I was like, should I believe him or should I request to be copied to the messages he had sent to the seller, but I said to myself nah, no need… he must have done it… but then, LAZADA asked for the review so I said my piece. I did not bash the CSR because he was okay. I just said that I didn’t get that confident vibe as a buyer that my request is being done, because if it is doable, then it’s weird because he initially disapproved it.

So I don’t have a huge problem about the CSR because it’s merely about him being not confident enough, something we can get training for.

What pissed me off is that after my explanation, LAZADA sent me the transcript of my convo with the CSR like I haven’t already transcribed it in my head or like I was indicating contradicting info vs. the transcript which I didn’t, it was a short convo hence, forgetting it is kind of hard unless you have dementia or something.

I was thinking, was it LAZADA’s poor attempt of sarcasm? Because I was missing the point? I didn’t indicate anything different from the transcript, all I was saying is that the CSR didn’t give the customer the confident vibe whether he is actually doing the request or was he just pacifying me, you know that you cannot transcribe a feeling, I don’t see the point.

So yeah, I replied to LAZADA’s email asking what’s the point of sending a transcript without any additional message or comment? Because there’s no freakin’ point for that unless you have a comment. They did not reply. Perhaps they were just treating me as  an irate customer though I wasn’t. Them sending me the transcript post-sales is what ticked me off a bit.

Anyhow, they have delivered the purchase quite efficiently, they’ve beaten their deadline, which is good, I didn’t care ask if the invoice was there.

I just hope they didn’t send me the commentless transcript. It was a rude vibe you know.

Yes, I am all about the vibe.


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