Memories of Schooldays (Part Two)

Grade two started like we were in grade one. Same classmates, until we got sorted out few days later, we bid farewell to those who were separated from us. Paul, Jehrome, Iloisa, Cielo, Janeth, Tintin and Ellaine are still with us, there were additional characters like those names I mentioned on my blog entitled “First Grade High” from Ma’am Viring’s class. Came in, Maricel, Beto, Arman, Jenny, Norie, Myleen, Rhia, Grace, Adrian, Nerissa, Ariel, Rona, Vicky, Dante, Rommel, Amelita, Mark Vergel, the Remedioses (two of them), Pacita, Heidi, Randy, Joymarie, Melanie, Jimmy, Chrisen, Catherine, Eladio, Divina, Pericles, Lourdes, and Marilyn. I am sure I have missed some names and for that, I apologize.

The unfriendliness of childhood started early for me. I hated this year. The cruelty of kids was so apparent and I feel like I was living in a teleserye, my constant question while watching Mara Clara was, “bakit ba naniniwala sila kay Clara!”  I vividly remember how I was wearing my white bestida (why was I not wearing a uniform on a school day Mommy?) and I was holding a cooler full of ice candies to sell for my teacher, Mrs Malonzo, and to my bad luck, I slipped and all the ice candies fell and cluttered all over the mud, I was trying to clean it, wiping the ice candies while crying like Mara (Judy Ann Santos) and there was Clara (Gladys Reyes), laughing her ass off with her posse. I was in shambles! But you know, I learned later (around high school) that what does not kill you makes you stronger so I kind of gotten by. I was a tough weed you know. But this feeling went on and on until before high school. So I won’t pour five years of horror here, as it’s a waste of good vibes, anyhow, we are now all okay. It was childhood. We were kids!

The notable events of grade two involved Ariel and Eladio. Ok let’s discuss Ariel first. He is one of the batang ilogs, a name which they have pegged themselves with. Our teacher would ask us to fetch water from the river for the plants perhaps? However at that particular time, the tub went onto the water and it floated far from their reach. He decided being a batang ilog to swim for it. For a while, Beto and Joy were able to see him until they don’t. My classmates can vouch that Joy was pale white due to fear and Ariel was nowhere to be found. Luckily, and thank God, a fisherman was able to catch him and revived him. It was a scary event.

Eladio’s story was somehow strong. He complained to his parents that our teacher fed him papers due to being so talkative. They reported her to Noli De Castro and the story was featured on the radio I think. I am not certain what really happened; only God knows what really transpired on that particular occasion.

I wasn’t so sure if Adrian’s story was in grade two as well. Adrian was a frail kid. Super cute though. His aristocratic features set him apart. I believe Eladio and our gang got blamed too for the event. Adrian fell while playing bihagan with us. He hit a rock during the fall hence, injuring himself pretty badly, but not like ICU bad. Adrian’s his family’s prized possession so they had him stop school and I guess, he was moved to private school. This is as far as I can remember.

Notable song: Di baga maraming puso sa sagingan, in the tune of “You are my Valentine”


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