When a Song is Just Song

I always have my Spotify playlist ready whenever I go for shower but today, I decided to go random! I believe I had an extra 10-minute shower time because I enjoyed the songs perhaps? It was random and yes, I still had a lot of Hillsong, but what had me is One Last Cry, not Brian’s but rather a rendition of some unknown person. It was also good.

Anyway, because of that, I decided to find a list called “senti” and voila, it took me 15 years back! The time I was in love with Out of My League and If You’re Not the One. I remember crying inside the FX having heard the latter for the first time. I was able to relate to death having been filled with feelings of “unrequited love” that time. That feeling killed my spirit. It was more painful than being on a relationship with a cheater.

I have no regrets about my life, the mistakes and bad choices led me into this wonderful togetherness with my husband. I was just happy to relive the feeling of youth and getting moments flashing back like I was younger, giddy and full of strength to face life without consequences. That is something I definitely miss.

But as I was listening to One Last Cry, I was thinking that I haven’t felt that hurting feeling for the longest time and I am happy. Imagine forgetting the feeling of heartbreak? It was an awesome blessing from God above because I was actually unable to relate to the song! Then I realized it’s been years since I am unable to, however it was only now that I tried to listen as in “literally listen…” I felt nothing, there’s nada! Zero, nil! No feelings at all. For the old me, that song was like a life mantra but now, that song was only a song.

Thanks for that amazing feeling Lord!


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