The One That Got Away

I am a Sharonian.

But the reason why I got so worked up with Sharon Cuneta’s throwback posts is the fact that she is happily married to a yet another prominent person who holds high credibility rate in our country. I for one do not buy that they are happily married (but since it is claimed to be so, then let’s assume it is) after her tantrums all over Instagram about her daughters being the only ones she will love forever or something like that non-verbatim though or about her being used by everyone (non-verbatim as well)… one doesn’t randomly say things like that without causing people to speculate. With speculations comes possible emasculation of the senator because we cannot control people’s minds on how far they’d speculate. Then comes the pictures of her exes, let’s not dwell on Gabby’s, just focus on Robin’s who is married to pretty Mariel now. Mariel would probably be all so polite to Sharon because of the so-called “showbiz hierarchy” but I bet she is irked by the incessant commentaries as well. Robin was married to Liezl, and then came in Sharon, Lea, Vina, Joyce, etc. I can’t believe how a publicly married person is linked to several ladies that time. Although with Joyce, I think it is post conversion so society would probably allow that for her time. Anyhow, if one is just reminiscing about her “payat” days, I surely feel there’s a lot of solo or group photos if not videos, that can be retrieved to be posted online (if not already posted) but why choose Robin and hers plus the long ass captions always!

I get that she explained how it will never be Robin whom she will get back with if she had no Kiko in her life and implied that it isn’t gonna be Richard too as everyone probably thought. She implied that he isn’t a showbiz personality so a lot kind of guessed that it is Charlie Cojuanco she pertains to which is weird because yes, that scenario applies only if she did not have Kiko in her life. I just feel like it’s the same thing, I mean, her having that kind of fantasy with or without Kiko, parehas lang. Regardless of the scenario, she’s thought about getting back to that person, parang ang dating, malaking hadlang pa si Kiko and yung asawa nung lalaki if ever!  It’s crazy because that is if Kiko, the “so called” love of her life was not around. I don’t get why people don’t see it. Napaka dami pang supporters nung posts nya! You don’t get to think of the “what ifs” if you are solidly in love, more so, post about it. It is not hypocritical on my part, it is reality! I for one feel that if my husband isn’t my husband, then perhaps I am still single by now. That’s how I feel because despite my few exes, I only see myself marrying the one I married and I cannot picture a life without that person so yes, perhaps I am still single. I don’t deny that others may feel panghihinayang to their “TOTGA” as per Derek Ramsay in his film (the one that got away) but, I feel that you owe it to your partner not to publicize it. It shows lack of respect = lack of love.

Just saying.

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