Somewhere Down the Road

So I know of this couple, they were on the rocks at that time. He is was is was having series of relationships with other girls; she was the poor wife, heart aching while taking care of the kids. Only that she wasn’t (heartbreaking —that is). So I remember  that her favorite movie was Minsan Minahal Kita. I cannot blame her for the choice, Sharon-Richard eh, plus, it was somehow recent at that time.

I love analyzing people. So I was thinking that she could relate to Sharon being Edu Manzano’s wife (Edu is a philandering pilot who concubines with the slutty flight attendant played by Lumen). That’s what one would automatically assume if you knew of them. But if you know them like “know them” you would probably think that she could relate to Sharon being Richard’s other woman, still the Sharon married to Edu and I remember it was Angel Aquino naman who played the character of Richard’s wife, she has a rather cute name, Menchu.

I missed that hula because I totally gave her the victim pass! She’s actually more hardcore (harder core?) than she is given credit for. In fact, the guy is more likable than her. She is far from being a victim.

Anyhoo, I actually do not have a point about this story. All I know is that Sharon opted not to continue the affair with Richard because of her son. That must have been the real scenario that she’s related herself into and Edu’s character married the concubine thus implying that Sharon really left Edu for good due to emotional torture perhaps? But definitely, it was established that it is not to be with Richard. It is also a possibility that Edu left Sharon, well, he plays a psychopathic Don Juan who is very far from the character of that girl’s husband.

Richard and Angel parted ways eventually making the “Somewhere Down the Road” scene possible.

I told you, there’s no point to the story.


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