Her Name is Lola

Lola: Filipino term for grandma.

So my mom went home for an emergency leave because my grandmother is in critical condition right now and has been in the ICU for quite some time now. She is breathing via ventilator, barely conscious.

My grandma and I were not “closey close” like super sweet to each other. I wasn’t like that but my younger sister is. That’s because I, most of the time get impatient with critics and she’s been my constant critic. We are close too in a different way, not the lambing kind but more of the inisan kind of closeness. She’s taken care of me when I was young, we have a lot of stories together and that’s more than enough to establish a legit closeness you know.

She is very pretty and sophisticated. One would think that a person raised poor would look poor, well my grandmother has defied that norm. She is poor not just with money but also with what’s happened to her life. She lost her father in WWII when he left the hiding place to look for food because my grandma and her siblings were still kids at that time and of course, as a father, he had to leave and find food, whatever it takes! He didn’t come back though and was never found.

My grandmother didn’t finish school. She did not even complete elementary I think, so the way she writes is how a kid writes. She is diligent and tries so hard to learn and adapt. I would sometimes laugh at her because she creates a photo album out of the pages of the Bible to remind her of us as she reads the Bible (how thoughtful, isn’t it?) but I was a kid who’s so stupid!

I really felt bad for her struggles although not until I was grown up. I never realized these things when I was younger. I often imagine how her life must have been and I end up hurting.

I remember once, my cousin and I fought when we were 8 or 9 siguro. We were in the midst of our physical fight and he is winning because boys are generally stronger. She intervened and gave me a garden tool, a bolo I think and she’s given my cousin the garden scissors. She told us to continue the fight using our weapons and of course, that stopped us from fighting.

I may not be her favorite apo (God knows who because it varies all the time) but I know that she is proud of me for being successful and smart and for always remembering her. I believe that she’s really proud of me although I think I was always given more credit than I deserved. I am definitely overrated, but since I am the ultimate credit grabber, I will take what I can get.

We love her and I am really lucky to have her as my lola.. I really pray to God that she’d be granted healing mercy. She deserves more…




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