Her Royal Hotness

Disclaimer: Not about me & once again, pointless.

I know this person who was in a relationship with a super-hot babe and I can’t help not feel excited for them because they are a perfect match. The other half, the one that I know is cool and he is well-liked by women of all ages, he is hot in his own right you know. So for me, they are perfect. According to the guy, he had to move away from the girl because she is just insane and did everything she can in order to choke him with her love.

Anyway, I feel that the girl is still in love with him but the guy, being promiscuous uber friendly and all, I think he is seeing some other girl who once again has gotten all gooey-eyed and super caught into his charisma. I feel that he too still likes the ex-girl. If they could only work things out, things will be fine. They’d really breed extremely cool kids.


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