The Midnight Singer

Since it’s almost Halloween, let me share three of the scariest supernatural incidents I have encountered in my life. I personally used to not believe in ghosts because I was very sheltered growing up and I was not exposed to such until I have experienced them personally.

Here goes my first story, the Midnight Singer:

I was spending my weekend in our province. I was staying at my grandfather’s (Itay’s) house to visit him, it was past midnight and I was in the living room watching whatever’s still on, I think Inay (my grandmother) wasn’t there as she used to spend a lot of time at my uncle’s house in Bulacan.  Itay was for sure awake as he was feeding the hogs in our backyard. My uncle and aunt were asleep. We were all minding our own lives, doing our stuff until we hear a loud humming, female voice, “hmmm hmmm hmmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm” to the tune of that famous lullaby being hummed instead of sang. I ignored it because it could easily be just my aunt trying to scare me. But the sound has gotten louder and colder so I ran towards my aunt’s room only to bump with the three of them by the corridor.

Itay was rushing to scold me for the noise late at night (automatically assuming it was me), my aunt and uncle were kind of scared, running towards the living room trying to find comfort from a housemate perhaps? Hehehe, whatta wuss!

As for me, I was running like crazy towards them because I know it was not me and yes, the sound seemed to come from my area.

We were all stunned. We didn’t know how to react because we were all scared at that time. It also occurred to us that we heard the humming as if the person was beside or behind us. It was loud from everywhere, like Dolby Surround Sound!

My grandfather being old and wise ignored it. Me? I wasn’t able to sleep soundly for nights and as for the couple, I wouldn’t know. We live in the province, we are kind of used to supernatural but this firsthand experience drove me nuts.


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