Beneath the Pale Moonlight

In the Philippines, there’s this popular three-wheeled mode of public transport called the “tricycle.” It is the main means of transport in the province since it’s convenient and cheap.

I used to come home every weekend; I commute from Manila to province whenever I get homesick. My friends who live in the area would sometimes visit me whenever I am home. That night, one of my best buddies visited me. I was with my aunt and uncle. We decided to go to McDonald’s which is around 15-20 minutes away from home especially being that it’s late at night. We rode the tricycle. My uncle (my aunt’s husband) drove the tricycle and my aunt jumped at the back. My friend and I sat inside the mini vehicle. It was a long savannah and there’s nothing to see but darkness. The fields were black because there weren’t any lights. There’s nothing else to do but look around since talking isn’t an option due to the loud sound of the tricycle.

As I looked at the emptiness, I saw a lady floating on the savannah. I was so sure about it but I didn’t say anything because mockery sometimes makes you doubt yourself, I don’t want to doubt myself. I hate being mocked for believing in ghosts so I kept quiet. When we got home, I saw my friend and he was pale, like dead pale. He is of darker complexion so it was kind of freakishly obvious that I had to ask what’s wrong. He didn’t say anything. I had to press him more and there, he asked me, “didn’t you see that?” I asked him what was I supposed to see out there and he said, “the lady!” I was shocked because he saw her too! We couldn’t believe that we both saw a whitelady and both of us chose not to react immediately.

I had a validation from him that I wasn’t imagining things. She was indeed floating and faceless. I also didn’t describe what I saw, he did! I waited for him to tell me everything he could remember and I am so sure we saw the same ghost. I couldn’t have been wrong since I have 20/20 vision then. I was just scared to be mocked.

This experience totally creeped me out that whenever I travel alone, late night to the province, passing the same savannah, I needed to close my eyes. This experience gave me an eternal fright!


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