Drowning in My Nostalgia

These kinds of blogs ought to be preserved!
I miss the 90s!

The simple yet complex world of The Collector

Continuation and Part II of Past Foward entry. Starting off with some Consortium pics taken by the great Eddie Boy Escudero…

Consortium residents Cocoy P and myself. Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero.

Jamie Bissmire of Space DJz. All around great guy and techno dj. Rode with me on my Vespa after the gig and shouting "we are the mods","we are the mods" along roxas blvd. in reference of course to Quadrophenia.

I have no idea who he is but he looks fierce and has a nice, rare Consortium shirt on. I don't even have mine anymore.

Cecile Z. A regular at the Consortium parties. Grocery,her store then would sell clothes for the 90's local rave generation.

The Detroit innovator Derrick May gracing the decks at Consortium. Check out the Adidas banner. Yup, my favorite brand supporting COnsortium back then.Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero.

the fashionable set were definitely also represented then at Consortium.

as well as the rockers( Krishna M and Nathan-then with Rivermaya) which shows some were actually open to it then and maybe inspire others for Deep Fried?

Karl Roy resting for a bit

the one and only and John Glenn of Blue Cafe was a regular fixture at Consortium and i've played  at some of  the  most memorable gigs at his establishment. In fact ,the very, very first experiment that is the roving club/rave Consortium was held at Blue Cafe when Malate was in full bloom.

rod t.another Groove Nation dj

at Consortium...no comment

Noel dB and Rod T

one of my idols and an amazing dj with great taste in music. Really good guy and somewhat my mentor when i was trying to get in the L.A. underground  scene.

this was the smaller Groove Nation in betweener to Consortium named after The Jam's rousing tune.

a break from Consortium with samples of Los Angeles rave flyers during those halcyon days. Standard clubbing in clubs can be claimed by NY,SF and Chicago but really from recollection, the “raves” really flourished first in L.A as far as the US is concerned. Introduced mostly by British expats who infiltrated the club scene in L.A. playing mostly house and techno music from Chicago and Detroit! Go figure. Ping Pong in full effect. I must have gone to hundreds from 89 to 93. From dark, abandoned warehouses to normal establishments during the day, rave location by night as well as glamorous old buildings like the Park Plaza to the Union Station and amusement parks.

I think this is one of the reasons why people really dance abroad and not just stand around or make chit chat. This was the average price to most raves back then with some going as much as $40. It's definitely a factor as to why people here take things for granted. It's because it's usually "face value", guestlist or a measly entrance fee.

afternoon ravin' at Venice Beach. Ahh the love for beats.

Lava Lounge menu by Agu P. .Dig that dilis!

Lizza N and Koro during the Lotus Eaters/Rivermaya recordings that didn't see the light of day.

Juan Nunez of Wax Records L.A.. Sadly, majority of the record stores in L.A. have now gone belly up and are just existing online.

 Cyril Y.,Simone of DSound and Pepi D.

Lourd, Peter Coyle(The Lotus Eaters)Jay I., Joonee G. and Jem Kelly(The Lotus Eaters)

J-Jay(Moulton Studios SF/naked), Rica,Pepi and Latrice Barnett

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