Grey’s Anatomy Overdose

Whenever Grey’s Anatomy is on break, I have this habit of rerunning the series from Season 1. Now it’s resumed, I still continue rerunning it so I am watching both the old and current episodes. I do this weirdness yearly so my son who is turning 5 has technically seen me do this cycle for almost 5 years now excluding conception.

I was watching the episode where Yang caught a giant trout while fishing with Derek. My son while playing asked, “mommy is that Cristina?” and I was like, WT! My son can keep up with my freakish obsession with Grey’s Anatomy! I wonder how I can explain to him Cristina’s departure though…

My favorite Grey’s Anatomy Characters:
Cristina Yang and Alex Karev
Least favorite Grey’s Anatomy Characters:
Lexie Grey (everything about her), Teddy Altman (snake), Derek Shepherd (gloomy), Amelia Shepherd (exaggerated), Izzie Stevens (pathetic)
Favorite Meredith Relationships:
Finn Dandridge (kind) / Nathan Riggs (sexy)
Grey’s Anatomy Fantasy:
Alex and Meredith will end up together. Cristina returns to Owen. George is not dead apparently and returns with Izzie and their love child. Miranda retires early to spend time with Tuck Jr, Jackson and Maggie will get married. Owen becomes the Chief once again and Richard becomes Chairman of the Board.

Yeah yeah, Riggs and Mer won’t happen unless there’s an alternate universe that will allow for Meredith to be happy, finally. But come on, they are perfect together. He is the only one who pursued Meredith in a non-entitled way (UNLIKE DEREK SHEPHERD!!! Like it’s an honor to be pursued by him), well ok… there’s Finn too and that’s why I liked him for Mer as well.

I know this TV series have gone a long way and I can smell its nearing demise. I just wish it isn’t going too be over really soon. I am not ready yet! I wonder if I’d ever gonna find a new show as good as this one.


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