About Prayer

It is a no-brainer that everyone should pray. In fact, we should pray without ceasing. Prayer is a form of communication with God. It is where we pour out our innermost thoughts and desires to our God. It’s a form of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and our means to send in our requisitions. I speak as a Christian that we live for the glory of God and if in fact we can praise and worship Him all the time of the day, why not?!! It is one of the best ways to show our love for the Lord.

I was talking to my husband a while back, we were in the car and I told him that it is really important that we pray even before driving the car. It is not about the motor accidents anymore, people have long leaned on their own understanding in that regard, thinking they are too good to need God. But the times have changed, despite the known fact that we really have to pray without ceasing, we must be reminded of how important it is to seek protection at all times. You go to church, you get shot; you go to a funeral, you get shot. There is no safe place anymore. Being covered by the blood of Jesus will keep you from harm that’s why we always have to pray. How hard could it be?

Today, I praise you Lord for your mighty power. Great is your faithfulness to us Lord! You never change despite our shortcomings oh Lord. You are our God, our refuge and strength. You are our healer, you are mighty to save! Please forgive me Lord for my trespasses, deliberate and not. I am sorry for being angry, for thinking ill of others, for being envious, for the lies and gossips that I have partaken in. I am sorry if I sometimes forget to live according to your will. Thank you for being the forgiving God. Thanks for the chances that you have been giving me. Thanks for I John 1:9. Thanks for all your provisions and protection. I am forever humbled by your love and generosity. Indeed, my cup overflows. I continue to seek your support in keeping my family safe from harm. I seek your continuous provisions when it comes to the health of my parents, my sisters, my son and my husband. Continue to keep them strong, healthy and bless them with safety and long life. I pray for my in-laws for your continuous blessing of strength, safety, health and long life. I also pray for their prosperity in times of needs and answer to their prayers. May they also know you and accept you as their Lord and savior. Thank you for your continuous blessing and support to my family. I continuously pray for my friends that they may be safe and secured at all times. May you continuously bless Saudi Arabia and protect it from harm. I pray for the Philippines to be safe and strong. I trust in your power Lord. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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