Power Trips on Social Media

I had few social media stressors yesterday. It is about a celebrity (member of a local group) who died in an accident and that stupid commenter who said that she wishes that it was ______________ who died instead (naming another member of the group that the guy who died belonged in).

After that, a very powerful celebrity (a friend of the deceased) who is widely known for his tactlessness, offensiveness, and his crassitude used the social media to give his opinion about the girl who left the insensitive and dumb comment saying, “Wait for me to be back (he’s currently in NZ) and I will have my people look for you, you demon!” It was stronger in our language (which was originally used).

I just made a simple comment on the thread that I get that the girl who commented about the death and wishing for the one who died to swap situations with a less favored member (probably) whom she named – she is stupid and dumb, no other way to describe her behavior. She did really make a nonsense comment especially to a post uploaded by the grieving party. There is no excuse for her stupidity but what I don’t get is this celebrity using social media to place threats on people. He is even lauded for that! Like you will have people search for her and then what? What will you do? A lot of people commented on my reply that it’s not a threat and that I was exaggerating. How is it not a threat. A bomb joke despite how jokingly delivered and despite the obviousness of it won’t be treated a joke in the airport! If this girl died and we are in the US, I am sure that this famous celebrity will be instantly a person of interest, may not be the suspect, but yes, a POI.

From where I came from, “people on-the-seat” would even wipe their butts (instead of subjecting them to scrutiny) because these powerful celebrities are given so much entitlement without considering that the effect of their tweets is so much different from the effect of that silly girl’s tweets. These are the celebrities who tend to abuse their “acquired authority.” Not all are abusive, only those who have recently acquired instant fame. Like IF we’re talking about the elite and the rich, they are definitely NOT the so-called “old rich.” They are the “lottery kind of rich.”

I of course, (jokingly) suggested that she must get a restraining order against that celebrity because he can just abduct her or something, basing on his statements on social media. Plus, from where I come from, fans of oppositing fandoms reach up to physically beating one another, due to uber fanaticism. Some are paid, some are purely fanatical. We wouldn’t want to become victims of his fandom. I mean, how sure are his defenders that there isn’t an insane fan who would take his words into extreme level.

Plus, going back to his previous statements, he’s made fun of special children, the overweight, the ugly, the handicapable and even joked about someone being raped. Everyone just let it slide and now, a nobody (compared to him) has made an insensitive yet personal opinion, everyone will just support this celebrity who uses his social media power to bully people.

For me, what the commenter did is totally uncalled for and stupid, yes… but empathy cannot be forced on someone. It is a feeling one feels. If she isn’t able to feel empathy, then that’s her problem. We cannot dictate as to how one should feel on certain situations. It’s not right but that’s her opinion. Besides, these people we’re talking about are big celebrities, they subject themselves to the public eye, so yes, either be ready or be apathetic.

What can be done is that we just learn to ignore comments from people who don’t matter to us. Those who are insignificant to our existence. With that, we will not be affected by faceless morons who lurk on our social media and thrive on the anger they infuse — or worse, they weren’t doing it for anything, they are just plain stupid.


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