The Button

My husband often asks me as to why I love engaging in things like forums, debates, and even to nonsense stuffs like showbiz, tabloids and gossips. I would give him a stupid answer like, “because I thrive in knowing that somewhere in this world, someone just wishes to pound my head really hard”.

Reminds me of this parody: THE BUTTON


In reality, I truly wanted to be a lawyer. It kills me seeing people agree to inhuman actions for the sake of the greater good. It gives me Komodo Dragons in the stomach knowing that people I respect and think highly of are there, following a cult. I just want everyone to get the proper processing, proper trial, proper judgment, and proper punishment. I am a Christian who support death penalty but not EJKs.

There is no right and wrong at this point because each party would give insanely intellectual opinions (let us disregard the mere trolls). As for me, I refuse to accept the opposing party, I am certain they won’t accept mine too.

I am way past convincing people to see what I am seeing. Because they believe the same, I should be seeing what they see. At this point, we’ve resigned to hoping converting one another; we have just lived ourlives knowing that we think we’re being stupid.

I have read a blog from a contact whom I have known only in blogosphere, he made a sensible suggestion that if each of us would speak to a user or an addict at the peak of his addiction, convince him/her to get help, instead of being cyber punks attacking one another, we can make ourselves useful at least!

I just hope we wouldn’t run into that particular addict from my place who took a jungle bolo and cut his other arm off as the devil told him so (like Devon Sawa in Idle Hands perhaps?), I mean easier said than done right? What if the addict is currently on a trip and sees you like you’re a giant pork lechon and just chopped you off instantaneously? Man! It’s hard.

Reasons, reasons, reasons! Never ending reasons.

But what the blogger said made a lot of sense; we can do things bit by bit. Like how evangelism works… You don’t stop at a soul, you move forward, one after the other and maybe, we can have a village of Christians, a municipality of Christians, a province of Christians, a country of Christians — a world full of Christians!!!

And if we do, and we have Christ in the center of ourlives, who needs drugs right?!

About the blog, yes, you got the idea; it’s a matter of small continuous steps til we reach the goal. Otherwise, we are just being mouth-breathers.


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