Titos and Titas of Manila

I am highly addicted to the new trending group, Titos and Titos of Manila. It is a page dedicated to the not-so-young but not old enough to be called grannies. Basically, composed of people born from 70-80s. It has taken over everyone’s FB accounts in a matter of days… I enjoy it. As in super enjoy. I no longer sleep extra in the morning after taking a shower, I focus my time on the page. Seeing people with the same memory of our old lives is a breath of fresh air. It is so rare being able to see and interact with people who did the exact same things as me. I do not even relate to my husband in that regard because he wasn’t “fully” raised in the Philippines. I mean, he was a lil kid when they moved. He had a very limited stay despite his claims of being “raised” there. I’ll give him some extra points for being raised by traditional parents. Perhaps, he can somehow relate, like 70% hahaha.

Inasmuch as I like the page, I have a slight issue.

A lot of people who post on the page claim that it’s troll free, no bullies, no bashers, no war freaks, no jejemons (slang for overreacting teens with exaggerated taste in everything) because there are no millennials. I find that we are being a little hypocritical for entertaining that notion because first, the way we speak about the jejemons is a blatant form of bullying. The way we credit the peace and freshness of the page to its being millennial-free??? Bigotry at its finest!

If it were up to me, I will just claim being prejudice against the new age. I do not despise the people born onto this era, but I hate the era that my son is living in. This era thrived on technology and we lost all the fun of “real world.” Too bad.

If I am being true to myself, I will just admit that there’s an existing battle amongst generations. It does happen, we don’t need to sound righteous. We too are trolls and bullies. We gotta have the balls to accept that. Being mean, war freak, or being cyberbullies are not limited to age (the millennial-age for that matter).

I am also afraid to get bashed if someone gets to see this blog you know…because yeah, we too are bashers… strong resilient keyboard warriors. We are just in denial.


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