Sentiments of a Working Mom

When you are sick, all you need to do is crawl under the sheets and hit the sack. But if you’re a mom, there are lots of things you got to do apart from taking the regular R&R. I am a working mom blessed with a helpful husband who does all the chores he could possibly do (he does the laundry but we send our clothes out for pressing). Basically, I am left with maintaining the house, keeping the room clean, tidying our son (bathing etc), feeding him and yes, the hardest part is studying with him.

I never knew that the time would come when I’d say “studying can be so frustrating!”

I was a very competitive student in my day and my hobbies include: reading odd stuff like encyclopedia and dictionary, memorizing the almanac, Guinness Book of World Records, 2000 Questions and Answers and Bible verses. I have loads of fictions too like SVH, Goosebumps, Fear Street, Christopher Pike books, and Nancy Drew. I was crazy about books! I used to know the Dewey Decimal Classification System (now Dewey Decimal System) by heart. I really loved and enjoyed learning.

Now that my son is in school (in KG1), I am required to be diligent and patient. I have to be driven in order for my son to learn things further. I had to review lessons with him. I had to do practice tests. I had to practice reading with him. I had to do so many things!!! (lol) It is getting into my nerves sometimes because my son didn’t have the same passion that I had when I was younger, so it gets frustrating when he acts grumpily. He is so lazy when it’s study time. I blame my lack of enthusiasm as one of the factors for his response. I know, I have become lazy to teach too. I mean, I dreamt of becoming a teacher but now, I get so frustrated easily.

I am so tired working for the entire day and then when I get home, I still got lots of stuff to be done. What if my husband wasn’t as supportive? I’d probably go crazy.

Now, I am really sick, flu is killing me! I feel like I caught the Spanish flu (joke!) but immunocompromised people like me tend to feel sicker than normal human beings do. I just want to be a couch potato on a snuggie.

These are the times when I hope for people to appreciate working moms too. I often see a lot of posts applauding stay-at-home-moms (SAHM); I feel for them and I realize the sacrifices made for the sake of serving their families fulltime but it is really rare to get commended for being working moms. We are more often shamed for being so. Not all families can be a single-income family you know, and I am not working for the sake of my brain functions, some really had to work for economic reasons. And yes, we still had to do the day-long chores that we abandoned early in the morning as we go to our day jobs. There’s no rest at all! It’s not like we all have maids while working.

These are the times when all I want is appreciation (and a digital DJ turntable and a smaller stationary bike).

Things are not that easy for us working moms.

“But the gift of family is still the best ever, no amount of physical stress can make me love and appreciate my family less. I am forever grateful.”


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