Winter is Coming

Winter’s come, actually.


It started getting cold around the second week of November. I got totally sick twice already since that time. My husband and son did too although theirs were less severe. I had two courses of Zithromax already and have been puffing my Ventolin a lot of times that’s why I needed more refill than usual. I hate the heat but the cold is killing me.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of money on clothes and shoes. I do not buy like hoarders do. I buy according to my need and yes, this winter is a need. I have to update my wardrobe. So yes, I have purchased some pricey stuff. I usually do not shop on sale. Sale products are crumpled, damaged and out of style. I tend to not binge shop. I am very conscious about the price and the quality.

Ghad, I am sleepy!

I have finished my Christmas shopping for the kids and for my monito/monita. I was also asked by my friend to participate in the raffle draw, I mean to donate a prize which I did. I am so proud of how fast I was able to commit into sorting / wrapping the gifts.

Last Friday, we were also able to finish our dance practice. I know it was not perfect yet but we will get by, I know we will. This is the first time in ages that I have participated into such a weird ass presentation, but I totally enjoy every second of it.


Oops, before I forget, I totally scored in Inglot. Buy 2 get 2! See the shades? They are too Christmassy, I know… (lol

What are your winter activities? Are you done with the Christmas shopping?


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