What is Christmas To You?


What is Christmas to you?

Is it the joy of the festivities? The food? The gifts?

ALL of the above right?!!

For me, it’s a little different because the expenses drive me nuts! Hehe. The season coincides with my son’s birthday so the expense is double. The only thing that gives my heart a little comfort is the fact that since we did not go home this December, my wallet won’t be drained as much.

But in reality, we have to remember who and what are we really festive for? We have to realize why the celebrations! It’s not to cap the year!? It’s not because it’s time to give? It’s not for family? But why?

We have to know why!

Christmas is the birth of Christ Jesus, our Lord. His birth was prophesied even in the Old Testament. People knew that He was coming.

We have to celebrate the love of the Lord. Imagine someone (in this case, a GOD) giving His only begotten son to live with humans (and become a human with flesh and blood) and in time, will be persecuted and will pay the price that we (sinners) have to pay and for whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have the eternal life in Heaven!

Jesus was born and He is the reason for the season. If He hadn’t been born, what is there to be festive for on Christmas Day? Would there be a Christmas Day?

So let’s not throw tantrums for the gifts we didn’t receive or for the expenses we had to pay. Because this occasion isn’t ours, it’s HIS!


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