I have previously purchased an online artwork from Etsy where the artist just uploaded her code to my site. It was a very good transaction with both Etsy and the seller.

Today, I received my first ever physical purchase from Etsy. I was so excited for my purchase because first, I have been wanting to have cinch clips for my abaya since most of them are a size (or 2) bigger than my actual size and second, because I work in a different company now, I can easily follow up my mails because the department has a very good system.

Finally, I was able to find good ones on Etsy and I am very happy about my purchase. The seller shipped the item immediately after payment and the delivery went smoothly.
I love that she’s issued me a printed invoice and wrote a thank you note by hand. I mean, sellers usually do write a thank you note, but it’s rare to receive handwritten ones.

If you’re looking for cinch clips or other similar items, please do visit the store:

Nine LouLou


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