In the Chaos

I normally ride with my husband from work to home. Last night, I decided to do something different, I told my husband that I will be riding an uber instead and that we meet each other at home, implying that I was on my way too. But actually, I have some errands to do, I need some shopping for my kid and for ourselves too which is imperative given that it’s my son’s graduation next week and we got nothing to wear yet.

So yeah, I went to the mall with the intention of just grabbing everything I need and leave. I didn’t intend to stay like for an hour? Of course not. But then, as I was strolling down the aisle, I heard a faint “booooooom!” that came with really strong vibrations, like something so heavy fell on the ground.

Due to the fear of explosions, I thought, “was it another missile attack?” But no one at the mall seemed to care. No panic, nothing! No one was even gossiping about it. If it were in the Philippines, ay naku, one loud bang and there’d be chaos, stampede but people yesterday were nonchalant.

So I said to myself, “perhaps it was nothing”.  Then I received a call from an angry husband about my whereabouts since I did imply that I was on my way. He said he called me and I didn’t answer and it got him paranoid but I am certain that he called my office phone instead of my personal mobile number. Gosh.

I just blogged about that situation last 25th of March! Twisted coincidence. It did scare the hell out of me but I am not going to be afraid anymore… For I have a big God who is my refuge, who is my shield, my comforter and my strength.

I am with God!

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper!”



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