My Journey to Essential Oils: Receipt of Order & First Trial

Hello. Since my recent blog about My Journey to Essential Oils: Becoming a Member, I have been so anxious about the arrival of the products. I have ordered the products last Friday, 6th of July and I got the package today, 12th – gosh, that fast?


This set on the picture is somehow similar to the starter kit that I have ordered. For Saudi Arabia-based customers, make sure that you choose International 220 — that pack has been cleared for international shipping without those “supposedly” dangerous oils. This photo isn’t mine by the way, I just took it from Google Images – credits to the owner of the photo – cdn (dot) shopify (dot) com.

SIX DAYS? THAT WAS FAST RIGHT? The other night, I have received a call from Saudi Arabian Customs saying that I have a package and that I was supposed to pay for it. I also received an SMS saying that I have to pay like 150 SAR. When FedEx called me today, I had to ask whether I need to pay a thing and he said that I do not need to pay customs fee. So yeah, perhaps it was covered by their consignment contract or so, what really mattered to me is that I didn’t pay a dime apart from what I paid upon checkout.

Here are my eager beaver videos while I was unboxing. I spoke in “Tag-Lish” Tagalog, being that it’s our dialect and English, since I use English on vlogs or IG stories. I just can’t help not speak in my dialect (my mother tongue).

I am also a very amateur vlogger. I do not document much on videos, so pardon the quality of my shots. Basically, these are the contents of a 301.25 USD order. I am quite satisfied with the quantity of the set and I am in love with the packaging.

I have since used the ORANGE oil, 3 drops massaged on my left abdomen and that is for my spleen – one of my points of concern. I have yet to share the other blends I have in mind. But that’s for another story. I will also observe what it does to me and I hope and pray that it would work on me.

God bless and happy blending!