My Journey to Essential Oils: Diffusing Peppermint

Since my recent blog posts about BECOMING A MEMBER & UNBOXING AND TRIAL, I have actually tried some oils and they’re awesome. But for now, I am going to talk about my experience with Peppermint.


Based on the rules, you have to use the diffuser as per instruction and add 5-8 drops of Peppermint Oil. It should be up and running once you switch the diffuser on.

The scent of the Peppermint will automatically take over the room and will take an immediate effect on you. I used this oil because my husband complained of severe headache so I told myself, “this is a perfect chance to use it!”


Note: The above list is from Dr Axe (credits to him)

My husband warned me that if I want him to be useful enough at home, I should think twice before using peppermint because he felt that he is so relaxed and he just want to crawl into bed and certainly, his headache was alleviated.

As for me, I felt that my breathing has totally become better and I slept through the night. The room felt so peaceful and smelled so nice and fresh.

So far, I am liking Young Living Essential Oils. I can’t wait to try more combinations.

Edit: July 14 – I was experiencing an excruciating headache, of course I thought of peppermint…. and voila! Before I knew it, I am headache free!