Where to Get Customized Prints in Riyadh

I know you have a lot of printing needs that is quite hard to get accomplished because you have to go to certain places in the city, have your husbands, fathers, or drivers take you to those places, I mean, unless you’re one of the ladies who are lucky enough to get licensed — more so, lucky enough to know how to drive. These print shops are usually found in Malaz area or in King Abdullah area near Takhassusi Crossing. I realized that I was talking as if I was addressing an all-female audience! LOL. I am sorry. I also want men to read my blog.

But what if I know someone who can actually cater your needs via Facebook? Just tell them what you need and they’d customize it for you?

If you’re interested, then you got to check out iFrint’s Page! The price list is so economical and they even do bulk orders. They do digital printing on products like shirts, jerseys, purses, coffee mugs, tumblers, lunch boxes, tags and labels. They also have this awesome sublimation prints on frames plus this really amazing mermaid pillow printing that’s sooooo awesome! Kids and adults will surely love it. I can’t wait for my son to see what I had them customize for me this time. I met up with them today and as usual, they made my orders really fast and truly affordable, plus super quality prints for real.

Check them out. Click ME for their FB page.


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