On Paco Larranaga and Chiong Mom’s Insane Laughter


It’s quite obvious that the photo isn’t mine. Credits to the owner.

What is my take on the case? Having seen the documentary “Give Up Tomorrow,” it is kind of obvious that one’s initial reaction after would be, “kawawa naman si Paco” (I feel bad for Paco) but we have to check  the angles first before reacting.

One may say, “There must have been some evidence pointing to Paco and the group as well. The police force wouldn’t allow the investigation be done that haphazardly. I mean, who does that?”

That my friend is the statement of the year from a bright-eyed person who believed that we had justice back in the day (and just lost it few years later). Ever heard of Kuratong Baleleng? But like what I always say, a story for another time!

There had been a lot of witnesses claiming that Paco was miles away from the crime scene and that he was with them in Manila. These were students from the Culinary School that Paco attended. Among the witness lists were Paco’s professors as well. They are generously giving interviews up to this day, to reiterate their stand on Paco’s innocence.

I nearly lost it when his dad said that Paco has been involved in some altercations during those days but from those petty fights to rape/murder??! For his dad, that’s quite a jump! Come to think of it? Who didn’t have altercations in college? That doesn’t warrant the police to just grab us and accuse us of murder. Come on!

What puzzles me is the despite the obvious lack of evidence, how did the case get pushed to conviction just like that? Why would the Chiong matriarch just allow for some unverified suspects be charged for your daughters’ rape/murder? I mean, won’t you want to get justice accordingly and not randomly, just like that!!! Of course if I were Mrs Chiong (thank God I wasn’t) “I would want to have justice for my children but not on the expense of an innocent.”

The next thing that bothered me is the way the 2 moms grieved. colorful-international-writing-prompt-worksheet.jpg

Paco’s mom grieved normally, she cried and lamented about the charge and verdict. But the other mom, Chiong?? She had crazy eyes, uneasy and even threatened to kill Paco (or have him killed) and eventually saying that the whole Chiong family could conspire into killing Paco once he’s out. She laughed like crazy, somehow a little scary. I wouldn’t want to be stuck inside an elevator with her. I mean, wasn’t she the face of that crusade against violence or something?

My question is, what if the Chiong sisters are truly alive as per what the social media is trying to showcase? What if they were living a secret life in Canada? WTF is that!?! That’s sick! What if Paco gets out? Will he be able to kill them again (for real this time) and not get convicted like how Ashley Judd killed her supposedly dead husband (the one she got sentenced for) in Double Jeopardy? Can Paco kill them for real? Does DOUBLE JEOPARDY really apply? I wish someone enlightens me about this.

I really do hope they weren’t living a secret life in Canada. Because if so, I am super lost. How can someone be that evil?!


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