Gift Box from Nido

Ok, so this is a cool thing.

I know all of us moms have this desire to breastfeed our babies until we can and until the babies want. I salute moms who are able to keep up especially the working moms who pump their breasts out just to be able to feed their babies with legit breast milk, albeit the fact that they’ve gone back to work. I do envy your dedication.

In my case, my son has actually given up on breast milk so we did not really have a choice but to switch to formula. We have this milk that was prescribed by our Pediatrician although we decided to switch him to Nido One Plus upon turning one. He was eating solid food at that time and his appetite went up and he’s become more active and healthier. We had him on that until he’s about 2 and a half.

We switched to the green one (Three Plus), when he’s almost three and now that he is a toddler, he now drinks the the regular NIDO. I loved how my son fell in love with NIDO because not only that it was compatible with him, it’s also quite economical compared to other brands. Given the current price in Saudi Arabia, all you need is to find a brand that will cater your nutritional needs that won’t kill you with the cost.

I would like to share this link (CLICK ME) where you can enter your details (and your child’s). Eligible entries are for those with kids 3 and below. You will get to receive a giftbox full of NIDO goodies. I mean, I know some of you can afford, but who doesn’t love freebies? I mean, legit ones at no cost?

I think this promo runs until supplies last. Hurry Riyadh and Jeddah moms, take advantage of this opportunity.

*Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement


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