Review: One of Us is Lying

7b814712f4-54ee-4daa-80c1-de165a4fa1077dimg400One of Us is Lying is an OK book if you’re into some non-heavy reads. The characters narrate their own stories which for me, contributes to its lightness. I don’t know how you want your books to be, but my choice is definitely something that won’t burden my “already burdened with work mind.”

The main characters are Bronwyn who became my instant favorite. She is a go-getter, smart, privileged and beautiful. Her parents were self-made immigrants who worked their way up despite the racial challenges faced in the past. The next one is Addy. She is a pretty blonde who is hot enough to be dating a rich and popular jock. Third is Cooper, another jock who is of good morals. As you read the book, you will learn why. Last but not the least, there’s Nate who is Bronwyn’s love interest. He was a drug pusher who happens to get intertwined with this chaos.

The story revolved on the death of Simon. He was a student who’s been sent to detention along with the above four characters, only that he didn’t come out alive. Of course, the rest of them became instant persons of interest.

The book is good enough although it lacked the thrill that I was expecting. I was more of curious as to what happened in detention and who was posting those Tumblr entries expressing the intent of killing Simon, and eventually, actually stating to have killed Simon. I wish there were more action. I felt that it was a love story rather than being a Thriller/Mystery. It didn’t have enough suspense so despite it being good, I am kind of torn whether to give it a two or a three – perhaps it’s something in between.

Anyhow, you got my point, I guess.


Review: A Stranger in the House

41-r4fukyqlIn this neighborhood, danger lies close to home. A domestic thriller packed full of secrets, and a twisty story that never stops—from the bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

He looks at her, concerned. “How do you feel?” She wants to say, Terrified. Instead, she says, with a faint smile, “Glad to be home.”

I liked this book better than The Couple Next Door although this book is quite predictable. I have figured what went down not long after the characters involved got introduced.

The characters were not as interesting. It took some time before I got interested in continuing. The story went very slowly. I did not feel the adrenaline rush which is normally the sign of my being interested to push through the chapters.

I love how Detective Rasbach is a recurring character in Shari’s books. I hope he gets to have his own story. He is one of the reasons to like the author’s books. Rasbach is sharp and direct to the point. I don’t like how some police characters beat around the bush. Glad this one doesn’t.

Anyway, I give this book 3 solid stars.

Book Exchange Program

Book Exchange programHi friends! We are looking for people to participate in a huge book exchange. You can be anywhere in the world — it doesn’t matter as long as you will promise not to bail out! All you have to do is buy your favorite book (just one) and send it to a stranger — [although if you’d like to share your own copy, why not?!!! – you do not need to buy a new one]

You will receive roughly around 30plus books if all would commit to the goal. I understand that we are from different parts of the world so, please take that into consideration before committing, “the participants will be the ones shipping the book (via snail mail would do).”

If you’re interested, just comment “IN” with your email address, so I can send you the details of your particular stranger and yes, I will also be sending via email the process of this exchange program!

Your favorite book can be that stranger’s favorite book as well! Isn’t it exciting?!

Here’s to hoping for participants!