iPad in Heaven

This conversation below gave me a heartache. I have serious mortality issues and my son bringing this up doesn’t really help at all. Good thing kids often end convos into something funny and crazy so yeah, I had to come up with that weird idea that a giant iPad is a total possibility in heaven.

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Amazon – Kindle Paperwhite

So after the recent update of my Kindle Paperwhite, my unit┬ájust froze and won’t unlock. The only buttons that respond are the read more, learn more and add to wishlist buttons. Scroll does work but other than that, it just gets stuck and there’s like 3/4 inch space (frozen background) on top where the navigation bar should be. So basically, it became useless!

I had a chat with an Amazon CSR. He assisted me with all his patience and care, after several attempts to restart and hard restart, it’s been decided that they will replace the item being that it’s still on warranty. They figured that I wasn’t in UK so they said they couldn’t ship it to me. So he still patiently waited until I get a UK postal address which I eventually got. So as I see in my tracking, it’s going to be shipped within today! I am so happy.

I really hope to be able to get my new Kindle because it’s hard to read on Iphone 6plus and it’s so hard to sync books on the newly updated ITunes (or it’s just me?!)

Anyhoo, I know that I should have my fingers crossed for now since I haven’t received my new unit yet and it might be too early to celebrate; it’s just that I am so satisfied with how patient/pleasant my CSR was. I gave him the best evaluation ever and I super hope that if problems arise on my Amazon account once again, he will be the same CSR who’d respond to me.

Edit (14 August 2016):

I received my package yesterday. It had to go thru a UK mailbox prior to getting it here (Riyadh) so it took time, otherwise, local shipping time was like 2 days — so fast!

I have a new Kindle!!!