Matthew 18:2-5 – He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.So I am going to solicit for help. Not for me.

Let me tell you a short story (and again, I will remain anonymous for as long as possible), although this story is super legit…

When I was a kid, around late 80s to early 90s, my church participated to a program where they had some families sponsor children whom they feel to be in actual need of sponsorship.

I was never part of that program, although we were not exactly rich. I doubt if we’re even in the middle class, but both my parents have steady jobs and it does not qualify. In short, we were not poor enough. At that time, all I felt was envy (those stickers, bookmarks! I did not even think of the money to tell you the truth). Being still so young, I did not even realize that not qualifying was actually a good thing.

My Sunday School mates though were all sponsored. They get stickers, stationery, photos, lil trinkets, the works! Anything that excites a little child. It was basically what I wanted at that time because I was so young. But to have someone care for you apart from your family, it’s something special and new.

So I said, why not sponsor a child?! So I did. The only thing is that the payment method is via credit card. As you know (if you follow my blog), I am an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, so my card is KSA based. I did not know that donations done to external (non-KSA based) charity corporations cannot be done via KSA based banks. So yes, I am still waiting for their reply as to whether they have any other means of standing payment.

I do not have any purpose in discussing about this other than to encourage you to do the same, perhaps your process can be an easier one being that you could be in America or Europe, Southeast Asia or perhaps in the Philippines!

Let us help the indigenous kids! I am heartbroken seeing how they’ve been forced to mature so fast because of poverty. They deserve to be kids with hobbies for children, with errands for children!

Let’s help others give JOY to these kids! If your heart urges you to donate, please visit their page (click ME).


The Lord is My Shepherd

Grabbed from Google:

It’s like the gates of hell.

No one — neither the poor nor the rich deserve this kind of tragedy. Only God knows about His plans on these people/families who have lost their homes and valuables — some have lost their loved ones (may God bless their souls), only God knows. He may have allowed for this to happen but I am certain that He too will be their comforter and friend at this trying time. Know that in everything, there is a purpose, we just got to have faith and lift it all to Him. Let us all include them to our prayers.


I have recently had a struggle and it was on my constant prayers. I was worried and sometimes, getting a little distraught about it, but I kept reminding myself that I shouldn’t be worrying for I have already prayed for it. Worry = you do not trust that God will solve it. With my constant self-reminders, thankfully, God has answered my prayers and has once again shown His faithfulness to me and my family. It is truly amazing how you can claim His promise whenever you need it.


I am a little sad because my husband, out of the blue, told me that this year’s birthday was his lamest birthday ever. I don’t know what made him say that. We celebrated all together (he claims he wanted to celebrate just the 3 of us but we did) and I have given him awesome gifts,  I was extra kind to him all week-long (and I am always kind but given that it’s his bday, I have made it extra kind — the type of ignoring any fights that he is trying to create). I don’t know. He apologized for saying so but these are the statements that you cannot undo, no matter how you try.

I try to recollect from my life. Having said above that I was sad, it was merely the kind of sadness for him. Not trying be arrogant or something, but my life is quite joyful. I try to differentiate joyfulness and happiness all the time. Joy comes from the heart — it is what your heart exudes, it is something you have achieved.While happiness is a reaction to certain stimulus, you child’s smile makes you happy. Gifts make you happy! But these won’t make your life joyful.

I remember the time when I was not yet experiencing joy — it was not long ago, I wanted so many things that I thought to be the things that I need. I thought those would make me happy. I was never materialistic so most of them weren’t material things. Most of it were confirmation of being liked, sense of belonging, good times!  And then later, I came to a realization that my life is complete, that everything in addition to what I have are just garnishes, bonus — a complimentary ticket for being good (whenever I become good). I mean, I have come to the point that Psalm 23:1 has become a reality in my life (The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing). It is not because I have everything a person can want but it’s more of, God has satisfied me. I have nothing else to impart except for Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Life is really good knowing that “hindi ka na nangangailangan” – you don’t need a thing to satisfy you because GOD already has. Everything is just an icing to the cake.

Writing an excerpt from my favorite song, “Pass It On”

I wish for you my friend
This happiness that I’ve found
You can depend on Him
It matters not where you’re bound
I’ll shout it from the mountain top
I want my world to know
The Lord of love has come to me
I want to pass it on
I really do want to pass it on. I want everyone to experience the Joy of the Lord.

Being Thankful at All Times

I was singing this song entitled, “Tagumpay Man o Kabiguan” (a praise song popularized by a Filipino group called Papuri Singers) – it’s on Spotify (please stream it to know how the song goes – it’s really oldschool but — a true classic!)

Tila kaydaling magpasalamat sa Diyos
Sa mga pagpapalang lagi Niyang kaloob
Ngunit kung may dusa at may kalungkutan
Tila ba kayhirap ang Siya’y pasalamatan

The first verse was about how easy it is to thank the Lord for the blessings that He has given us but it is really difficult to find the drive to thank Him amidst sufferings and grief.

Tila ba kayhirap magbigay ng papuri
Kung mga kabiguan nadaramang lagi
Natitirang pag-asa’y tila ba maglalaho
Sa nadaramang paghihirap ng puso

This verse talks about how hard it is to praise the Lord especially when you feel as if  you’re always failing — your heart feels hopeless.

Ngunit ang pangako N’yay wag kang maninimdim
Pagkatapos ng gabi, araw ay darating
Luha sa mga mata’y kanyang papahirin
Paghihirap ng puso’y kanyang papawiin

This talks about God’s promise that we shouldn’t worry about a thing because after the night’s over, another day will come. God will wipe your tears away and relieve your heart from the heavy load.

Sa lahat ng sandali Siya’y pasalamatan
Sa buhay man may tagumpay o may kabiguan
Pangako ng Diyos ay lagi mong panghawakan
Di Niya tayo iiwan o pababayaan

This says that we should thank the Lord at all times — in success or failure. We should always cling onto His promise that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

I really thought I can sing this song without tearing up. I have had too many heartbreaks and fears in the past years / these days actually. There are times when I cannot seem to put my faith in the proper perspective. There are times that worries consume me. My energy gets drained because I worry a lot.

This is what I remind myself, “I have my God who will comfort me at times that I am too drained to function.”

Can one worship in pain? Can we worship amidst the times that we feel like God’s abandoned us? Yes! Because this is the time to call for Him. Cry to Him! Communicate with Him. He is an omniscient God who has reasons behind all the tears that’s we shed.

I have been worshiping God in my lamentations for I know that He is the only one who will never get tired to listen. He is my comforter and my strength. I am thankful for the trials that He’s brought into me because I learned how to call for Him. I have realized His power over me! He is indeed mighty to save!