My Journey to Essential Oils: Diffusing Lavender

I have tried diffusing lavender and yes, it also has the soothing feeling albeit, the scent is more like for room fragrance than medicated (it’s like orange, aromaease, purification [all for another blog post] VS. panaway, oregano [another story for later] and that of peppermint’s) – now, I just realized my backlog.

Copy of peppermint.jpg

So what does a lavender essential oil do?

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress
  • Protects against diabetes symptoms
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps to heal burns and wounds
  • Improves sleep
  • Restores skin complexion and reduce acne
  • Slows aging with powerful antioxidants
  • Relieves pain
  • Alleviates headaches

It did relieve me from pain all weekend although I will have to reiterate this, “I am in chronic pain but I prayed to the Lord this morning and asked Him to take every pain away, and what an instant relief! My faith has totally relieved me from it.”

I do believe in the therapeutic effects of the oils for real and I am faithful as well that God has given me channels to discover these essential oils because He knew that I would need to be relieved and at some point, I have to stop tolerating the pain. I mean, God paves a way for these discoveries just like how there are doctors and scientific studies, right?

I have also tried the oil to my son’s eczema as he was scratching all afternoon given that we are in Riyadh and sandstorm is like a staple to our daily lives. I mixed it with my chosen carrier oil, Virgin Avocado Oil, kind of pricey but worth it. I mean, we already invested on these essential oils — might as well spend a little on carrier oils, right? So I just rubbed it on my son’s affected areas and I promise, this is no joke — he stopped scratching after some time. It is a relief to a mom seeing her son at ease. I mean, this is an oil — fragrant and invisible, imagine how hard it is for me to convince my son to use calamine lotion. It is almost impossible.

I am just starting and I know that in time, I will discover more surprise from these oils. I am yet to write about Orange because I use it for my chronic ailment. I may have to wait for some time to see what I can testify on that.

For now, I have to check whether it is oregano or panaway… stay tuned!

By the way, for those who are wondering about how one can become a member, please click on this link: CLICK ME also, if you’d like to know how fast the process is and if you would like to empathize with my first time seeing my starter kit, I have written about it here.



My Journey to Essential Oils: Diffusing Peppermint

Since my recent blog posts about BECOMING A MEMBER & UNBOXING AND TRIAL, I have actually tried some oils and they’re awesome. But for now, I am going to talk about my experience with Peppermint.


Based on the rules, you have to use the diffuser as per instruction and add 5-8 drops of Peppermint Oil. It should be up and running once you switch the diffuser on.

The scent of the Peppermint will automatically take over the room and will take an immediate effect on you. I used this oil because my husband complained of severe headache so I told myself, “this is a perfect chance to use it!”


Note: The above list is from Dr Axe (credits to him)

My husband warned me that if I want him to be useful enough at home, I should think twice before using peppermint because he felt that he is so relaxed and he just want to crawl into bed and certainly, his headache was alleviated.

As for me, I felt that my breathing has totally become better and I slept through the night. The room felt so peaceful and smelled so nice and fresh.

So far, I am liking Young Living Essential Oils. I can’t wait to try more combinations.

Edit: July 14 – I was experiencing an excruciating headache, of course I thought of peppermint…. and voila! Before I knew it, I am headache free!

My Journey to Essential Oils: Receipt of Order & First Trial

Hello. Since my recent blog about My Journey to Essential Oils: Becoming a Member, I have been so anxious about the arrival of the products. I have ordered the products last Friday, 6th of July and I got the package today, 12th – gosh, that fast?


This set on the picture is somehow similar to the starter kit that I have ordered. For Saudi Arabia-based customers, make sure that you choose International 220 — that pack has been cleared for international shipping without those “supposedly” dangerous oils. This photo isn’t mine by the way, I just took it from Google Images – credits to the owner of the photo – cdn (dot) shopify (dot) com.

SIX DAYS? THAT WAS FAST RIGHT? The other night, I have received a call from Saudi Arabian Customs saying that I have a package and that I was supposed to pay for it. I also received an SMS saying that I have to pay like 150 SAR. When FedEx called me today, I had to ask whether I need to pay a thing and he said that I do not need to pay customs fee. So yeah, perhaps it was covered by their consignment contract or so, what really mattered to me is that I didn’t pay a dime apart from what I paid upon checkout.

Here are my eager beaver videos while I was unboxing. I spoke in “Tag-Lish” Tagalog, being that it’s our dialect and English, since I use English on vlogs or IG stories. I just can’t help not speak in my dialect (my mother tongue).

I am also a very amateur vlogger. I do not document much on videos, so pardon the quality of my shots. Basically, these are the contents of a 301.25 USD order. I am quite satisfied with the quantity of the set and I am in love with the packaging. – NOTE: VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN TODAY 16 SEP 2018 DUE TO POOR QUALITY.

I have since used the ORANGE oil, 3 drops massaged on my left abdomen and that is for my spleen – one of my points of concern. I have yet to share the other blends I have in mind. But that’s for another story. I will also observe what it does to me and I hope and pray that it would work on me.

God bless and happy blending!