Things in Life

This photo is from Justin Buzzard of Risk or Rust

If there is a writer’s block, then there’s the reader’s block too. I have started three books, of which I have shelved 2 and the other one got left hanging.

What had happened?

First, I became too busy co-organizing an event and it was tiring but rewarding. I wish to do more of those although I am not sure if I have the time since my boss is coming back to town plus, I will be doing some schooling.  I am not sure if juggling motherhood + work would allow me to have time for other things but yeah, I should. I must.

Second is that my father-in-law (FIL) went away so the dynamics kind of changed when it comes to my son, we had to drop him to school, my bro-in-law fetches him and drops him to my parent’s house and yeah later, we have to pick him up from there, after work. That’s where our evening starts. Oftentimes, due to the absence of my FIL, my husband had to do several errands for his mom which would also lengthen our day, therefore, there’s kinda been too much lag in our system and things to be done for ourselves are put on hold. Not that I am complaining, these things are bound to happen in life and I have long accepted that I am not alone in the universe. We have to survive the ecosystem that we’re in.

Anyhoo, I am following this blog by Don Merritt and I feel that he’s actually hit a spot on Christians about being tardy on church services. I am the admin of our church bulletin board and I have always reiterated how important timeliness is on the worship service, but to no avail.

I have once been the kind of Christian who is always late because worship day just seemed to be a struggle. For real, it is, isn’t it?  I mean, that’s the actual time Satan does his best to distract you with everything he could come up with. I mean, you know that. But the example that Don has cited is just so precise, that we send kids to school daily and they were never late.  We are just soooo afraid that they’d be late for a minute and get a demerit hence, we oftentimes arrive earlier than required.  We’re such good PTA members, we deserve a medallion!

But how have we been doing as Christians? The service starts at 9, we wake up at 8:30? Not to mention that we have kids to prepare! How have we been doing? I am not acting all high and mighty here because I have been like this for ages. There were more times that I have skipped attending just because I feel that it was not important enough. I am totally ashamed of those times. We live in the now and God is not like our husbands who dwell in the past. God moves forward and welcomes the new US. When are we gonna start?!

I am quite hesitant sometimes to express what I believe in because people judge. And they judge hard. But I have read something interesting from Godvine today and it struck me like lightning! People are not defined as sinners and saints and that there are only 2 kinds of people in this regard: repentant sinner and the unrepentant – the former are the sinners who want to cleanse him/herself and be worthy of being called the Son of God and the latter is someone who could be living within the standards of man, however, continuously living in sin. One cannot be a proud sinner, deliberately disobeying God’s orders and claim that they are children of God. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I am not to speak about US politics because I am not an American and my country is wounded enough on its own and I don’t wanna be caught in a bashing fest and be told that I should deal with my own backyard before invading one’s country with my observations — but since I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan, all I can say is what the hell is going on, GA? I feel like it is not entertaining me any longer given that it’s been full of Liberal propaganda. Whatever happened to pure entertainment? (By the way, this blogger shares the same sentiments).

Grey’s Anatomy adds to my several frustrations in life, but anyhow, I will shelf this topic and not deal with it for the interim. I will swallow the propagandas that I do not support but if they’ve gone worse, like tribulation kinda worse, I may just have to boycott the show. I thought last week’s All Soul’s Day episode was weird with the low end CGs of Mark and Derek, come on!

Ending this with a happy note, Souq.Com is the best online merchant in Saudi Arabia. They are the fastest shippers ever! I highly recommend them with no ifs and buts.

I am off to see some friends! Wish me luck!




I Can Only Wonder for Life. The FAD that is SONA & Heart Evangelista for President

I made a vow that I will be supporting whoever God appoints as the President of the Philippines last presidential election and that even if that is Duterte, I will certainly accept with gladness and support. This is because of Romans 13:1-2 which says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

I have a little thought to ponder though, what if the government rules the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Philippines; will the Christian church still support the government? I am just wondering. But you know, this is for another blog.

Recently, I kind of reacted with all my might regarding the “stupid God” issue involving the President because my God is certainly omniscient — I am baffled by the justifications circulating around about the statement when the transcript was clear. I mean, I don’t know about other people’s God, but mine’s all-knowing. I mean, at least the God being referenced by the President on the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis. It’s not a folklore where the plot could get twisted somewhere in the middle. When we talk about God, we don’t talk in hidden meanings or cryptic codes, one shames God jokingly, one shames God period.

  1. the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.

I have a lot of opinions but that’s it. One should not force his/her beliefs to others and it’s not stupidity to support the President, it is in fact the more normal response. However, it is also not stupidity to have another opinion be it an opposing one.

What I notice is that people react to being called names, but doesn’t mind calling others names or doesn’t mind if their posts become platforms to those who are bullies and name-callers. Tolerating these cyber bullies is the same as being one. I have a lot of political posts but I end up making it private (only me) or I delete them sometimes when the thread gets a little hot. My friends are more important to me than these political brouhahas. So I don’t really resort to telling people they’re stupid for opposing my beliefs. I am blessed to have enough friends who agree to disagree. But not all of my contacts are agreeable, some are real die hard fanatics who would burn bridges just for someone who do not even know their names. I just blocked three today for always mocking those who don’t share the same opinion as them. 

My all-knowing God knows your names, by the way.

I only wonder on stranger things like my father becoming quite a ka-DDS. I mean this is the person who raised me according to his values and beliefs, I am who he is — I am more him than mommy. I wonder which genetic anomaly caused us to be on opposing sides. It’s my life values that made me become a non-fan of PRRD, life values that came from my father — but how come? All I can do though is wonder for life. I believe that my father has the right to choose whom to support but like I said, someone who molded me into who I am?!

I can only wonder for life.

Besides, it’s only family who can get befuddled about the strangeness of things amongst us since we are the ones who know each of us well enough to warrant these eternal perplexities.

Enough of these PRRD talks — this is what worries me more, the Queen of All.screenshot_20180723-205929

This meme is the best. Of course, not that funny if it weren’t for the one who reposted it, none other than Jake Ejercito, the son of former President Estrada.




And by the way, I would rather have Heart Evangelista as the country’s President: First order of business, “Dapat lahat maganda” (everyone must be beautiful)

Heart won my heart in this year’s SONA’s Best Dressed. I have to agree with Fashion Pulis whose blog I give credit for these photos.

Being Thankful at All Times

I was singing this song entitled, “Tagumpay Man o Kabiguan” (a praise song popularized by a Filipino group called Papuri Singers) – it’s on Spotify (please stream it to know how the song goes – it’s really oldschool but — a true classic!)

Tila kaydaling magpasalamat sa Diyos
Sa mga pagpapalang lagi Niyang kaloob
Ngunit kung may dusa at may kalungkutan
Tila ba kayhirap ang Siya’y pasalamatan

The first verse was about how easy it is to thank the Lord for the blessings that He has given us but it is really difficult to find the drive to thank Him amidst sufferings and grief.

Tila ba kayhirap magbigay ng papuri
Kung mga kabiguan nadaramang lagi
Natitirang pag-asa’y tila ba maglalaho
Sa nadaramang paghihirap ng puso

This verse talks about how hard it is to praise the Lord especially when you feel as if  you’re always failing — your heart feels hopeless.

Ngunit ang pangako N’yay wag kang maninimdim
Pagkatapos ng gabi, araw ay darating
Luha sa mga mata’y kanyang papahirin
Paghihirap ng puso’y kanyang papawiin

This talks about God’s promise that we shouldn’t worry about a thing because after the night’s over, another day will come. God will wipe your tears away and relieve your heart from the heavy load.

Sa lahat ng sandali Siya’y pasalamatan
Sa buhay man may tagumpay o may kabiguan
Pangako ng Diyos ay lagi mong panghawakan
Di Niya tayo iiwan o pababayaan

This says that we should thank the Lord at all times — in success or failure. We should always cling onto His promise that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

I really thought I can sing this song without tearing up. I have had too many heartbreaks and fears in the past years / these days actually. There are times when I cannot seem to put my faith in the proper perspective. There are times that worries consume me. My energy gets drained because I worry a lot.

This is what I remind myself, “I have my God who will comfort me at times that I am too drained to function.”

Can one worship in pain? Can we worship amidst the times that we feel like God’s abandoned us? Yes! Because this is the time to call for Him. Cry to Him! Communicate with Him. He is an omniscient God who has reasons behind all the tears that’s we shed.

I have been worshiping God in my lamentations for I know that He is the only one who will never get tired to listen. He is my comforter and my strength. I am thankful for the trials that He’s brought into me because I learned how to call for Him. I have realized His power over me! He is indeed mighty to save!