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It’s Always Been About God’s Plans

This post is dedicated to the honeymooners who drowned in Maldives, Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla. This photo was theirs, albeit I took it from the ABS-CBN news article. Like many, I have also browsed their FB profiles and saw a glimpse of their lives. They were so lively, truly a happy couple. As the husband said, he was still on a wedding high! Who can blame them? They had an amazing one especially the part where they had a surprise number. I bet it made the guests so “kilig” — I would be!

According to several articles that have been circulating the web, the couple drowned in Dhiffushi Island in Kaafu Atoll. They were pronounced dead-on-arrival at the Dhiffushi Hospital. According to the sources, the husband drowned first while his wife had a chance to cry for help however, it’s unfortunate that both of them were found by the rescuers to be motionless, probably, already lifeless. It was more of a recovery than rescue.

Family and friends are seeking help to repatriate their remains; a process that apparently costs so much. I hope that the government of Maldives would at least try to help expedite the process and facilitate without having the bereaved cover the cost.

(Paypal donations are accepted via email address:, other means to donate is posted on Erika Joyce’s wall c/o her Legacy Contact)  – please contact them with your intent to donate


Having seen their plans in life, the things they have set for their lives, I felt like for a moment there, I knew them. Seeing their desire to live their lives, then realizing that they’re gone is quite devastating for someone who is a total stranger, imagine how it must have felt for their families.

Today, I was having one of the most frustrating days of my life because I was waiting for some information from an agent but the level of answers that I receive was close to none. It was totally the opposite of how I felt last week like everything fell into its proper place and there she goes, shattering it all down today. I felt so helpless because she has exhausted my energy, she made it so hard for me to keep my cool and act all Christianly. It was so hard. And then this news came up, “Honeymooners drown in Maldives,” that was the “supposed” happiest day of their lives. I got reminded that God is in charge. No matter how much we plan for the future, it will still depend on God’s plans.

I will rest today and put all my cares unto GOD for there’s nothing impossible with HIM.

I hope we’d all get to say a little prayer for the bereaved family, for the expenses and for God’s grace and comfort.

To God be the Glory!

Update: The family and friends stopped the campaign seeking donations as the Philippine Government vowed to cover the repatriation cost.

Things in Life

This photo is from Justin Buzzard of Risk or Rust

If there is a writer’s block, then there’s the reader’s block too. I have started three books, of which I have shelved 2 and the other one got left hanging.

What had happened?

First, I became too busy co-organizing an event and it was tiring but rewarding. I wish to do more of those although I am not sure if I have the time since my boss is coming back to town plus, I will be doing some schooling.  I am not sure if juggling motherhood + work would allow me to have time for other things but yeah, I should. I must.

Second is that my father-in-law (FIL) went away so the dynamics kind of changed when it comes to my son, we had to drop him to school, my bro-in-law fetches him and drops him to my parent’s house and yeah later, we have to pick him up from there, after work. That’s where our evening starts. Oftentimes, due to the absence of my FIL, my husband had to do several errands for his mom which would also lengthen our day, therefore, there’s kinda been too much lag in our system and things to be done for ourselves are put on hold. Not that I am complaining, these things are bound to happen in life and I have long accepted that I am not alone in the universe. We have to survive the ecosystem that we’re in.

Anyhoo, I am following this blog by Don Merritt and I feel that he’s actually hit a spot on Christians about being tardy on church services. I am the admin of our church bulletin board and I have always reiterated how important timeliness is on the worship service, but to no avail.

I have once been the kind of Christian who is always late because worship day just seemed to be a struggle. For real, it is, isn’t it?  I mean, that’s the actual time Satan does his best to distract you with everything he could come up with. I mean, you know that. But the example that Don has cited is just so precise, that we send kids to school daily and they were never late.  We are just soooo afraid that they’d be late for a minute and get a demerit hence, we oftentimes arrive earlier than required.  We’re such good PTA members, we deserve a medallion!

But how have we been doing as Christians? The service starts at 9, we wake up at 8:30? Not to mention that we have kids to prepare! How have we been doing? I am not acting all high and mighty here because I have been like this for ages. There were more times that I have skipped attending just because I feel that it was not important enough. I am totally ashamed of those times. We live in the now and God is not like our husbands who dwell in the past. God moves forward and welcomes the new US. When are we gonna start?!

I am quite hesitant sometimes to express what I believe in because people judge. And they judge hard. But I have read something interesting from Godvine today and it struck me like lightning! People are not defined as sinners and saints and that there are only 2 kinds of people in this regard: repentant sinner and the unrepentant – the former are the sinners who want to cleanse him/herself and be worthy of being called the Son of God and the latter is someone who could be living within the standards of man, however, continuously living in sin. One cannot be a proud sinner, deliberately disobeying God’s orders and claim that they are children of God. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I am not to speak about US politics because I am not an American and my country is wounded enough on its own and I don’t wanna be caught in a bashing fest and be told that I should deal with my own backyard before invading one’s country with my observations — but since I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan, all I can say is what the hell is going on, GA? I feel like it is not entertaining me any longer given that it’s been full of Liberal propaganda. Whatever happened to pure entertainment? (By the way, this blogger shares the same sentiments).

Grey’s Anatomy adds to my several frustrations in life, but anyhow, I will shelf this topic and not deal with it for the interim. I will swallow the propagandas that I do not support but if they’ve gone worse, like tribulation kinda worse, I may just have to boycott the show. I thought last week’s All Soul’s Day episode was weird with the low end CGs of Mark and Derek, come on!

Ending this with a happy note, Souq.Com is the best online merchant in Saudi Arabia. They are the fastest shippers ever! I highly recommend them with no ifs and buts.

I am off to see some friends! Wish me luck!