Fun Fact: If You Have Five Hours to Kill

yoga-retreat.jpgThis fun fact is tricky. I don’t know what I was thinking because when I saw the question on FB, I kind of panicked a bit because WTH is that!

If I have five hours to kill dot-dot-dot…

I felt compelled to answer because the question requires an answer, doesn’t it? Although if I did answer, I won’t publish it because it’s your killing thoughts and I was like is there someone I should kill if I have five hours… and I began thinking about the movie Purge. Having seen that movie kind of frightened me because it was like the tribulation times, survival of the fittest. I kind of got scared (although I know I will be raptured), will America actually come to that point and I was like, I was given five hours to purge… who will I purge? I shared the question to my husband and he was wondering where the hell did I get the idea that it was about purging.

He was laughing as he was telling me that it meant five hours of your time to use and not to actually kill (purge) people… and I was like, oh yeah, that makes more sense. I am not usually stupid, it just didn’t come to me you know, and that idea came in first which is weird…

So if I have five spare hours, I’d probably visit my friends in their workplace that could kill (whoa!) 2 out of 5 hours… I’d probably listen to Spotify for an hour, rerun a Grey’s Anatomy episode and my last hour would be reading political blogs..

As for the other list… hehe, I am not so sure what to answer because that’s been a long moral battle with my practical self vs. my God-fearing self. Will I be able to fire a gun when needed? Will I be able to stab someone when required? Will I just pretend to be dead? I don’t know… I definitely don’t know if I could purge when required, more so, to know who I’d purge.




I have previously purchased an online artwork from Etsy where the artist just uploaded her code to my site. It was a very good transaction with both Etsy and the seller.

Today, I received my first ever physical purchase from Etsy. I was so excited for my purchase because first, I have been wanting to have cinch clips for my abaya since most of them are a size (or 2) bigger than my actual size and second, because I work in a different company now, I can easily follow up my mails because the department has a very good system.

Finally, I was able to find good ones on Etsy and I am very happy about my purchase. The seller shipped the item immediately after payment and the delivery went smoothly.
I love that she’s issued me a printed invoice and wrote a thank you note by hand. I mean, sellers usually do write a thank you note, but it’s rare to receive handwritten ones.

If you’re looking for cinch clips or other similar items, please do visit the store:

Nine LouLou

What is Christmas To You?


What is Christmas to you?

Is it the joy of the festivities? The food? The gifts?

ALL of the above right?!!

For me, it’s a little different because the expenses drive me nuts! Hehe. The season coincides with my son’s birthday so the expense is double. The only thing that gives my heart a little comfort is the fact that since we did not go home this December, my wallet won’t be drained as much.

But in reality, we have to remember who and what are we really festive for? We have to realize why the celebrations! It’s not to cap the year!? It’s not because it’s time to give? It’s not for family? But why?

We have to know why!

Christmas is the birth of Christ Jesus, our Lord. His birth was prophesied even in the Old Testament. People knew that He was coming.

We have to celebrate the love of the Lord. Imagine someone (in this case, a GOD) giving His only begotten son to live with humans (and become a human with flesh and blood) and in time, will be persecuted and will pay the price that we (sinners) have to pay and for whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have the eternal life in Heaven!

Jesus was born and He is the reason for the season. If He hadn’t been born, what is there to be festive for on Christmas Day? Would there be a Christmas Day?

So let’s not throw tantrums for the gifts we didn’t receive or for the expenses we had to pay. Because this occasion isn’t ours, it’s HIS!